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Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Author Shares Valuable Black Fatherhood Advice in His Two Newest Books

Calvin Mann

Nationwide — Author Calvin T. Mann is pleased to announce the release of his books, Things a Father Should Say and 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Fatherhood. Both books, which are currently available on Amazon, highlight the ideals and significance of fatherhood.

The 60-page book titled 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Fatherhood is a helpful tool for first-time and seasoned parents, men, husbands, fathers, and women. The book provides details, viewpoints, and insights that reframe the importance, appeal, and function of fatherhood. Mann created a spiritually enlightening and intellectually stimulating guide to fatherhood using his 37 years of experience, research, and life lessons.

The 94-page book Things a Father Should Say, on the other hand, is based on Calvin’s experiment in which he posed the query to a few of the men who follow him on social media. What would you say is the best advice you can give a young man? He believes that several males were open and honest about their experiences. While some people spoke out of pain, others deliberated over their remarks. These men spoke in a variety of ways—some in a single sentence, others in paragraphs—revealing the typically male perspective of simplification. The replies of these men formed the bulk of the book’s foundation.

Calvin reveals that the book is a manual meant for the male child. He states, “When he has thoughts or questions and there are no positive male role models around, he can use this manual as a guide”.

Calvin’s work as a childcare worker, which he began in 1992, helped him understand what fathers owe to their children and the children of their community. He claimed that he learned that it was not sufficient to sit idly by and wait for children to require assistance; instead, he needed to take an active role in the children’s development.

His eagerness to assist children and fathers reach their full potential is evident in his accomplishments. He is the founder and president of two non-profit organizations, Encourage Me I’m Young (EMIY) Inc. and The Good Fathers Only Foundation (GFO).

Visit www.emiyworld.com for more information.

For press inquiries, contact calvintmann@gmail.com