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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

New Black-Owned Employment Portal Launches

CareerWebPages web site snapshot

Web site snapshot

Nationwide — CareerWebPages, LLC has announced the launch of its employment portal website that will allow the public to search for jobs.

“We believe employers and jobseekers are going to fall in love with our employment website,” says Benjamin Meyers, founder/CEO of www.careerwebpages.com. They have more than 800,000 jobs listed on their website and growing… And the public can register, search, apply and receive job alerts free of charge on any mobile device.


Benjamin adds, “We strive to give our job seeker a superior opportunity to work in different industries. We are always looking for talented individuals to join our nationwide website to help achieve their employment aspirations.”

“As an internet company, we are developing strong relationships with a wide variety of companies, in creating jobs… And assisting our employers in recruiting the very best candidate for the job offered.”

Job Seekers

Their business is based around improving employment prospects for jobseekers and they do this via their tailored website, where users can define their career goals. “We know it can be difficult to find employment in your chosen industry. Through our extensive work with employers, we have developed a database of job opportunities which are constantly being updated,” Benjamin says.

Why Choose CareerWebPages?

They offer jobseekers the opportunity to find a job. “This is, after all, our vision. We want to help improve jobseekers’ prospects of finding a job,” says Benjamin.

For more details about the web site and/or to register, visit www.careerwebpages.com


Benjamin Meyers
(520) 272-0743

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