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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Black Entrepreneur/ Fashionista Launches Joyfulheads — A Stylish Line of Versatile Afrocentric Hair Jewelry

A Fashionable Multi-Purpose Accessory in One: Headband, Necklace, Anklet and Bun Wrap

Joyful Heads Afrocentric Hair Jewelry

Queens, NY — Meet Caren Dawkins. She is a MTA conductor and also the creator/founder of Joyfulheads (www.joyfulheads.com) – a versatile fashionable, unisex, multi-purpose line of Afrocentric hair jewelry. Reasonably priced at $7 to $13, her products embrace all stages of hair growth and are completely weatherproof for rainy and windy days. From clips to bows and headbands, the way one wears and adorns their hair can easily transform them from ‘ho hum’ to ‘oh yes’.

“I loved my hair, wore it straight, relaxed, medium length and then a dreadful disastrous experience at the hair salon damaged my hair. I shaved my head, wore wigs for the first year until it grew into a teeny tiny afro and could not find a durable and well crafted hair accessory in stores, so I created one. My line of hair jewelry can be used as a headband, necklace, anklet and bun and lock wrap,” says Dawkins.

According to USA Today and Mintel, a consumer spending and market research firm, relaxer kit sales have dropped by nearly 20 percent since 2006. Natural hair is a movement that is here to stay and women of color want to feel beautiful, powerful and happy at every stage. Dawkins comments, “Joyfulheads was launched intentionally because I searched for a headband that was not made out of cloth to compliment my hair as it transitioned from really short to a full blowout afro. I started shopping around for the perfect hair accessory, something different, cute, stylish and durable, but could not find exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a headband to hold my hair in place, but not completely covering all of my hair, so while it was fresh in my mind I put some designs on paper and started Joyfulheads to compliment all hair textures and lengths. I want everyone to feel happy when they wear my stylish headband inspired with Afrocentric pride.”

Joyfulheads is an online business, launched in 2016, at the popular networking conference, Circle of Sisters in New York. With strong sales, positive feedback and growing demand, a line of earrings was recently added to the menu. “I hope women and men are looking for that unique hair accessory for everyday wear or that special occasion to embrace their natural hair – from bushy and big to free flowing mane with affordable pricing. Each product is named after the Indinka Tribe from West Africa, with the message of beauty, strength freedom and grace,” smiles Dawkins.

“I grew up in the magnificent borough of Queens, seeing entrepreneurs and working class people accomplish great things. The rich history of residents, from James Brown to Lena Horne all lived in my birthplace of St. Albans. I’m inspired to live out my dream as a successful entrepreneur. I am a daughter, mother and wife with a supportive family. In the daytime, I transport people as a train conductor for the MTA (Mass Transit Authority) and know firsthand that durability and versatility are key components for succeeding in the hair industry. Joyfulheads is a product for multi-cultural people to feel happy and joyful, while showcasing their personal style and learning about their culture,” beams Dawkins.

To compliment your personal style and adorn your hair, ankle, ear and neck, visit www.joyfulheads.com. If you are interested in interviewing and learning more about the founder and creator, Caren Dawkins, please contact Karen Taylor Bass at 917-509-3061 or kt@taylormademediapr.com.