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Friday, November 17, 2017

CarMarshal.com, Black-Owned Online Marketplace For New and Used Cars, Appoints New Chief Technology Officer

Terry Clark, Chief Technology Officer at CarMarshal.com

Terry Clark, Chief Technology Officer at CarMarshal.com

Dallas, TXCarMarshal.com, a convenient new service that takes the hassle out of buying a car, has appointed Terry Clark as the company’s chief technology officer.

An experienced program and project manager, Clark will be responsible for improving the company’s customer awareness and improve the company’s proprietary software that helps buyers find a car at a lower than advertised price. He also will be adding many new features, including the ability for customers to upload their personal test car drive reviews on YouTube and other social media platforms. Clark also will begin providing more tools and tips to help car buyers help car buyers obtain a preliminary credit check, learn about options on financing a vehicle, and choosing the right insurance.

“We want to make the car buying experience as easy as possible,” said Clark, who worked in his father’s auto body and car auto sales shop in Pine Bluff, Ark. “As a kid, I worked side by side with my father learning the auto sales business and learned the importance of customer satisfaction.”

CarMarshal.com offers potential buyers access to more than 100,000 new and used cars, trucks and SUVs at dealerships around the country. Competing directly against cars.com, autotrader.com and truecar.com, the Dallas-based, Black-owned third-party advertiser of new and used cars says it is offering buyers a solid alternative.

Customers can search for a car 24/7 by going to CarMarshal.com. Car buyers enter their zip code, the make and model of a new and/or used car, then immediately get a list of available cars and their prices in their zip code and within 200 miles. When buyers click on the “negotiate” button, they set up an account with an email and password, then choose two manufacturers. That’s when the CarMarshal.com team begins negotiating a price and receiving bids for those cars. The car buyer remains anonymous, and not until the buyer is ready to make a purchase does he or she receive a certificate from that dealer locking in that price. For $39.97, customers can get access to CarMarshal.com’s more aggressive negotiating program. If buyers are not satisfied with the choices, CarMarshal.com will refund the fee.

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To learn more about the company and its founder, contact Neil Foote, Foote Communications, neil@neilfoote.com, 214-448-3765.

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