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Thursday, February 6, 2020

Black-Owned Leadership Program Extends Its Agreement With Ohio State University For a 2nd Year

Carter D. Womack, founder of Leadership at its Best

Carter D. Womack, President and Founder of Leadership at its Best

Columbus, OH — Dr. Carter D. Womack, President of Leadership At Its Best, has announced that The Ohio State University’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion’s Trio Upward Bound program has engaged his team for a second year. The Junior Executive Development leadership program will continue to operate through the 2020-2021 academic school year.

“Leadership At Its Best will be conducting its Junior Executive Development (JED) leadership program,” said Dr. Laura Commodore, Program Manager of the Upward Bound Programs. “We are very excited to work with Dr. Womack for a second year in training our area high school students enrolled in our Upward Bound Programs,” she added.

The JED leadership model focuses on the development of self-leadership, and the life and professional development skills needed by high school students to become successful in school and the world of work. In addition, the JED program prepares students to become leaders, peer-to-peer counselors and role models. The JED program also engages students in community service programs and projects.

The JED program includes a career awareness component that enables students to engage in career exploration in corporate, community-based and governmental organizations. Students in the JED program will meet with a diverse array of leaders in the leaders’ workplaces and during JED Saturday Academy sessions.

Besides its work with The Ohio State University, Leadership At Its Best offers other pre-college programs including BOLD – Black male Orientation to Leadership Development – that focuses on self-leadership and life skills training for African American males grades K–12 and programs that train students how to establish and run effective Student Leadership Councils.

For more information regarding the partnership between The Ohio State University and Leadership At Its Best, follow this link: https://odi.osu.edu/upward-bound/ or contact Dr. Womack at Carter@LeadershipAIB.com.

Learn more about Leadership At Its Best at www.LeadershipAIB.com