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Friday, February 25, 2022

Meet the Founder Helping Black Women Through Virtual Holistic Wellness Coaching and Digital Courses

Cassandra Hill, founder of Holistic Living Consulting

Nationwide — In an effort to guide Black women on the journey of life, Cassandra Hill, the founder and CEO of Holistic Living Consulting LLC based in Osceola, Arkansas, is working to share a simple but powerful message that wellness can connect to all layers of success. In her own holistic path, she has transformed her life and has now set out to teach other Black women how to put their health and wellbeing first.

She comments, “In these ever-changing times, we are all craving the desire to be heard, accepted, and appreciated for who we are on earth. While for some, this want may seem secondary, or possibly not even on their list. It’s a concept that undeniably attached us to one another and created the communities, towns, and groups that make up our society.”

“Whether people like to believe it or not, everything of who we are come together to form not only our future but tell a story in history,” she adds.

Cassandra has helped her clients do the unimaginable by prioritizing health and happiness through her coaching, public speaking, and literature. This intentional work has led her to be recognized by the Urban CEO Network, where she was awarded the 2021-22 CEO on the RISE.

As a Holistic Wellness Influencer, Cassandra aims to present her clients with a psychologically safe experience where they share their setbacks while learning holistic techniques that allow them to overcome.

Her coaching equips black women with the power to not only move forward in life but heal in the process, unveiling the potential they’ve always had inside. With her commitment to her clients, Cassandra is also committed to expanding her studies and knowledge to fuel her passion for helping others to transform their lives.

As a premier coach with Black Women United Inc. Cassandra provides Black women with the necessary tools to define, pursue, and uplift their lives based on their own core values. In these unique times, it is especially important not to lose out on the mental wellness opportunities that can make a difference. It is for this reason that Cassandra offers virtual holistic wellness coaching and digital courses that are designed to support black women in their health and well-being.

While she truly believes that the road you initially paved for yourself can change drastically at any given moment, it’s how you choose to push forward in faith that will shape the foundation you want to build for the future.

Cassandra’s intention is to present a space of comfort and understanding for black women to receive services towards a better life holistically. Working with women of all different life experiences, no one is alone in their frustrations, and it is okay not to feel secure in every step.

“At our core is a movement to provide conversation, solutions, and encouragement for black women who are making a brave choice to find their voice. I firmly believe that everyone can win, and throughout our lives, there is an immense amount of potential to be unlocked at every turn,” Cassandra says.

For more information regarding services or products, visit https://linktr.ee/healercassandra.

To book Cassandra for speaking engagements, visit CassandraRHill.com/speaking/

For press inquiries, contact holisticlivingconsulting@gmail.com or (877) 365-8648.