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Monday, February 3, 2020

West African Author’s Debut Book Hits Amazon #1 Bestseller in U.S.

Cecile Correa, author of A Truth About

Singapore — Cécile Correa, a French-born member of the Manjaco tribe, whose lands span Senegal, Guinea-Bissau and the Gambia, channels her learnings from 18 years of career and travel into her new book, A Truth About…, which soared straight to Amazon #1 Bestseller status in countries across 3 continents after launching in January.

A Truth About… is a collection of 52 poems, blessing the reader with a source of insight, hope and inspiration in different aspects of their life. From relationships with people, or with God, to how you interact with money, death and the world we live in, there’s not just something for everyone in this book, there are endless learnings to explore.

From humble beginnings, Cécile left her hometown in the south of France at 22, with the simple goal of learning English. First as a nanny, and later in housekeeping and bar work, Cécile kept her motivation high through a simple Mantra, that with every improvement in English she would rise higher.

Within four and a half years, Cécile was Managing Director of an agency that raised hundreds of thousands on behalf of charities, and gave her access to thousands of people. It was through these individual interactions, hearing of people’s hopes and fears that she knew she wanted to inspire and empower others.

Now, having left the UK and spent time in both the Middle East and Singapore, where she lives with her husband and two children, Cécile “CC” Correa now delivers on that promise with the release of her debut model.

A successful life-balance coach, specializing in subconscious programming as a Psych-K practitioner, Cécile is an expert at getting deep into the core of an issue, understanding it in its essence, and helping her clients reframe their beliefs to transcend beyond any limiting beliefs holding them back.

A Truth About… is a distillation of that power, and now available for as little as $0.99 as an eBook, or just $19.97 in paperback form.

It’s no wonder that this book, and this author have attracted one of the world’s leading minds in personal development to write the Foreword. Jack Canfield, co-author of the New York Times #1 best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul series and The Success Principles said of A Truth About…, “Beautifully written verses that encourage the reader to wake up to the wonder and even magic in their lives.”

Further details about the author, www.cecilecorrea.com, as well as snippets from A Truth About can be found at www.cecilecorrea.com/book



A Truth About… reviews 52 key areas of your life through poetry to help you find happiness and fulfilment. The poems in this collection gently but powerfully guide you toward solutions for problems you might have with your love life, friendships or work. They can help you set goals and discover your life purpose as you journey to the heart of who you really are, and find your life’s path. https://mybook.to/truthabout


With roots in Guinea-Bissau, Cécile Correa was born in France in the small picturesque town of la Seyne Sur Mer in la Côte d’Azur.

She left France in her early twenties and planted her feet in England with the goal to learn English. Unable to speak the language, her first jobs were really modest. She started as a Housekeeper and with her daily English practice she promised herself that every time her English gets better, she will aim to get a better job. Her ambition and entrepreneurial grit helped her go, within five years, from Housekeeping to be the Managing Director of a company that was raising funds for well-deserving charities.


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