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Tuesday, January 16, 2024

6-Year-Old Black Boy With Super High IQ Started Reading When He Was 1

Chandler Hughes

Nationwide — Meet Chandler Hughes, a 6-year-old African American boy from Texas who recently joined Mensa, becoming one of the youngest members of the organization for people with high IQs.

Before he even became a toddler, Chandler amazed his parents when he started reading at the age of 1, according to WLBT.

By the time Chandler was in pre-kindergarten, his dad proudly shared that he already finished second-grade level for both reading and math. He then skipped right past kindergarten and jumped straight into first grade.

Sure, he’s got the brains, but Chandler’s dad is also keen on making sure his little genius hones those social skills.

“He’s in a great environment where his teachers, his peers all support him,” his dad said.

Now at 6 years old, Chandler already got his sights set on becoming a doctor. He said he someday wants to become a “medical doctor because I want to help people when they are sick.”