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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Charges Dropped Against Grandmother ‘Slammed’ to the Ground By Maryland Police

Rena Mellerson, grandmother arrested and slammed by police

Pikesville, MD — Rena Mellerson, a 76-year old grandmother from Maryland who was violently arrested by police, is no longer facing any charges. All charges against her including second-degree assault, resisting and interfering with an arrest, and obstruction have been dropped.

The incident that happened in January stemmed from officers trying to arrest her granddaughter at her home. Officers responded to a 911 call about two women allegedly having an argument in public. Body camera footage of the incident was recently released.

After clearing the scene, Baltimore County Police Corporal Brennan followed one of the women identified as Mellerson’s granddaughter who went to Mellerson’s home. Brennan told Mellerson that Floyd was under arrest for disorderly conduct, but she refused to let him in.

A struggle between the two then ensued. Brennan then pulled out a Taser and told Mellerson that she is also under arrest for interfering with the investigation. Mellerson tried to convince Floyd to go with the police but she refused.

Brennan continued to force the door open and even used his pepper spray. He successfully entered the house with his gun drawn as Mellerson tried to run. He then grabbed her arm and another officer forced her to the ground.

A video of the altercation taken by a witness went public and has caused a backlash against the department. An investigation regarding the apparent excessive use of force is reportedly underway.