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Friday, December 7, 2018

Ohio Woman Poured Hot Grease on Victim During Heated Argument

Charlene Thompson

Cincinnati, OH — Charlene Thompson, a 61-year old woman from Ohio, was arrested after she allegedly poured hot grease on another woman during a heated argument. She also has several previous charges, including two that have outstanding warrants at the time of her recent arrest.

On Sunday, Thompson and another woman were in the middle of a heated argument when Thompson dumped grease on the victim at their residence on Hawaiian Terrace in Mt. Airy.

The victim suffered severe burns on her back and arm, which were visible to the responding officers, court records show.

Thompson was arrested and charged with felonious assault. She was booked into the Hamilton County Jail. Aside from the recent arrest, she also has two outstanding warrants for criminal damaging or endangering.

In her arraignment on Wednesday morning, the prosecutor requested for a high amount of bond because “the court is well aware, burns are some of the most devastating, painful, debilitating, long-term injuries that someone can suffer,” Assistant Hamilton County Prosecutor David Wood said.

Thompson’s bond was set at $15,000 and she was ordered to stay away from the victim and have no contact with her until further advised by the court.

Some of her previous charges include criminal trespass, assault, and criminal damaging or endangerment. She was accused twice of throwing rocks at a male neighbor’s windows in November 2016 and breaking the windows in March 2017.

In 2008, she reportedly punched a victim in the face causing physical harm. She was also convicted of disorderly conduct while intoxicated and in a separate case, accused of kicking an officer and spitting several times in the back of a police car and on an officer the same year. All have already been dismissed, according to court records.

Thompson was also convicted of criminal trespass for entering an assisted living facility without permission and assault for hitting a resident in August 2007. The charges were also dropped.

A charge of domestic violence for allegedly hitting her daughter in the mouth and back of the head, injuring daughter’s hand while she was avoiding her strikes on December 2006 was later dismissed also.

Meanwhile, a lot of people on social media have been talking about her most recent mugshot where she was wearing over-sized eyelashes with bright yellow tips. Some have thought of puns and wrote, “Eye can’t see a reason why she would do that.” Another wrote, pertaining to Thompson’s argument with the other woman, “Maybe they didn’t see eye to eye.”

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