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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

One-of-a-Kind Hair Accessory Created Through Inspiration From a Car Charger — One African American Woman Inventor’s Story

— “Wrap-N-Twist – That’s It!” —

Charmin Edwards, founder of Rocyalox

Charmin Edwards, founder of Rocyalox

Chicago, IL — Entrepreneur Charmin Edwards (Damron Health and Beauty) was unable to find anything on the market to properly hold and adorn her braids as she began wearing them years ago. She had no idea that soon, and quite by accident, she would envision and develop the perfect, healthy hair tie accessory for all hair types – now known as the Rocyalox brand.

“Whoever said it hurts to be beautiful will change that tune when they try Rocyalox,” said Charmin.

While washing her car one day, the ribbon in her hair slid out as usual, and she sat in her car – frustrated – not knowing how she would keep her hair from getting wet. She pulled her cell-phone car charger from the socket, wrapped it around her hair, and thus the inspiration for Rocyalox was born.

“Why didn’t they have Rocyalox when I had Afro Puffs?” asked Aurora Edwards. “They are just so cute, and the best thing is you do not need to have scissors ever again, like you do with rubber bands.” Rocyalox is truly a healthy hair accessory.

Rocyalox is unique as it is the first hair tie accessory catering inclusively to the beautiful, varied hair textures of all cultures and ethnicities, with special inspiration from African American styles. While other products often cause hair loss around the edges and breakage due to rubber bands, Rocyalox is proven the only healthy alternative which protects and sustains all hair.

With one of six adorable animal characters adorning each of six Rocyalox hair tie varieties, this product provides the perfect combination of seamless functionality and charming style. “Rocyalox is sure to Roc the bottom line as we continue to celebrate natural hair from all cultures – in all of their glory,” said Charmin Edwards.

“The goal of Damron Health & Beauty,” says Damron Corporation President and CEO, Mr. Ronald Damper, “is to make sure we provide the best hair products – ensuring that from a young age we lift up and encourage girls to love their hair. Rocyalox fully exemplifies this mission.”

Charmin said, “We are so excited to get the word out on Rocyalox, and encourage everyone to visit to your local Chicagoland Whole Foods store to obtain your very own Rocyalox and continue to promote truly healthy hair. Also, feel free to visit their website at rocyalox.com to discover more about our products and history.”

For more detailed information about Rocyalox, contact their media coordinator, Lance Hays (email: lancewhays@gmail.com), in addition to visiting our website at www.rocyalox.com.


Watch the video below:


Cynthia Edwards
Damron Health & Beauty

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