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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Award-Winning Black Author Reveals How She Went From Being Unselected to Respected in the Literary World

Charron Monaye

Nationwide — After being denied by multiple traditional publishing companies and media outlets, author Charron Monaye dared to step out on faith and birth her literary legacy. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Charron used her spiritual gift to pen stories that opened doors of opportunities. As a result, she is a best-selling & award-winning author, media contributor, and award-winning playwright who is walking in her purpose.

Charron’s creative and literary journey began in 1992 when she won a poetry contest and her work was published by The National Library of Poetry in the book Tears of Fire. Today, her body of work includes more than twenty published books within six genres, five Amazon best-sellers. Charron is a contributing author for 20+ book publications, ghostwriter, blogger, scriptwriter, and editor-in-chief of MadisonJaye.com. She also wrote and produced five sold-out theatrical productions in Hollywood, CA, Philadelphia, PA, Washington, D.C., and Manhattan, NY.

Becoming a best-selling author wasn’t just enough for Charron; she had the passion to achieve even more. In 2008, during her journey as an author, corporate uncertainty and financial desperation led her to become a juggernaut in the literary world with the formation of her inaugural entrepreneurial effort, Pen Legacy, LLC. A literary conglomerate, Charron birthed Pen Legacy, LLC. to give herself a platform to write, publish, and sell her products in hopes of making enough money to take care of her children. Since then, Pen Legacy, LLC. has evolved into a writing and book publishing service geared to helping aspiring writers share their stories by providing a platform to elevate their unique voices. To date, the company has published the works of over 50 authors with over 20 of those projects becoming Amazon bestsellers.

With her readers and clients, Charron uses real-life solutions and straight talk to deliver her consistent messages of speak to teach, living your best life, and the importance of building a wealthy legacy. In one of her numerous statements, she said, “Success can’t be found, it’s within you. You are already successful, blessed, and destined for greatness, you just have to position yourself to receive it. Our pen can either free us or keep us in bondage; it’s time to use our pens for freedom!”

This year, Charron returns to her author roots with the release of her six-book children’s series, Journey with Michelle, which introduces a child to travel, learning a foreign language, entrepreneurship, politics, and history. Michelle and Her Magical Pen was the first in a series that re-imagines Charron as seven-year-old Michelle who discovers her passion for writing while completing an assignment for her school. It is available for purchase now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, Books-A-Million, and where all fine books are sold.

To learn more about Charron, visit CharronMonaye.com

For press inquiries, contact Pen Legacy, LLC at info@penlegacy.com