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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Black Author Releases New Children’s Book Highlighting 9-Year Old Master Chef

Chef Toussaint by David Miller

Nationwide — Imagine a world where young Black males are allowed to reach their full potential. For 9-year old Chef Toussaint Palmer, his dreams of becoming a master chef have become a reality. From appearing on the Food Network to featuring his dishes in restaurants throughout Georgia, Chef Toussaint’s story will encourage young readers to strive for excellence.

Chef Toussaint, affectionately known as Chef T, is a culinary genius. Chef T spends many hours on the weekends creating award-winning appetizers, entrees, and desserts. Turning the pages, you join Chef Toussaint in the kitchen as he prepares mouth-watering dishes from some of his grandmother’s favorite recipes. Pecan pie, macaroni n’ cheese, candied sweet potatoes with almonds, and apple cinnamon French toast are just a few dishes that Chef Toussaint sells to local restaurants.

Chef T is David Miller’s brainchild, a Washington, DC-based writer and social entrepreneur working to change the game in children’s publishing. Miller is focused on producing high-quality, educationally rich children’s books that highlight Black families. He has written several full-color children’s books featuring positive Black male characters.

Miller points out that “all too often your zip code determines your access to books. Sadly, many children grow up in book deserts. I have visited schools that do not have libraries. Parents are key for improving literacy rates and connecting children to books,” Miller adds. Chef Toussaint is a great book for families to enjoy together. In addition to being an engaging story, it comes complete with recipes and a message for parents in the back of the book.

Praise for Chef Toussaint:

“David Miller’s new picture book, ‘Chef Toussaint’, sizzles. He adroitly incorporates entrepreneurship, the importance of family, Black history, healthy eating, and a love of cooking in a neatly written story that will surely engage young readers everywhere. Chef Toussaint is such a fun read, and youngsters will learn important life lessons without realizing it. The richly layered illustrations by C. J. Love perfectly complement the text, drawing the reader into even the smallest details. This book is a winner and will surely be a welcomed addition to homes and classrooms alike.” — Wade Hudson, Co-Editor, The Talk: Conversations About Race, Love & Truth

“Chef Toussaint is as culturally relevant as it is appealing to one’s appetite. If your child has a love for literature and cooking, this is the right book for them.” — Ronnie N. Sidney, II, LCSW, author of Nelson Beats the Odds

“David Miller is a modern author that is focused on ensuring children see a representation of themselves in literature. His characters are well developed, creative, and relatable. Children enjoy reading his books, while educators and parents find them to be great teaching resources. Miller brings a sense of community, family, and relevancy to all his books, making him a premier author for the 21st century.” — M. Mimi Sutton, Author of Grace Goes to Ghana, Educator


Book Details:
Chef Toussaint
By David Christopher Miller
ISBN: 978-0578525457
Available at IAmDavidMiller.com or via Amazon


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