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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Couple Whose Burger Products Are Sold in Grocery Stores Nationwide Launch New Online Course

Husband & wife team, QVC Customer Choice Food Award winners with products in Walmart, Kroger, Costco & Whole Foods, offer online course for chefs, home cooks, and caterers

Chevalo and Monique Wilsondebriano

Charleston, SC — Chevalo & Monique Wilsondebriano, husband and wife owners of Charleston Gourmet Burger Company are offering the opportunity of a lifetime to anyone with a food recipe or dish interested in turning it into a product for retail store shelves and to sell online. Their new online school at RetailReadyUniversity.com teaches all the secret steps necessary to get food products packaged, distributed, and into major retail stores.

Learn the Process

“People ask us the same thing everyday,” says Monique. “They ask us, ‘How’d you get your recipe into stores?’ and ‘How can I do the same thing with my dishes?’” Chevalo says that he is amazed that so many people have the same story. “They all have delicious dishes that everyone says they should sell in grocery stores, but they never do,” Monique adds.

“So many people talk themselves out of it and let years, sometimes decades go by without doing anything with their recipes.” Monique advises that the main thing holding people back is lack of information on the process of how to do it “and that’s why we created Retail Ready University.”

“Your million dollar business is right in your kitchen,” the couple say.

About the Course

Retail Ready University is a structured online course of exciting video lessons, interactive tutorials, bonus value guides, easy to follow workbooks, and exclusive access to LIVE successful food experts for guidance. Each course is geared towards preparing your recipe to sell BIG in grocery stores and online – creating a legacy for your family for generations to come.

The two course choices – Recipe2Success and VIP All Access Program – are both comprehensive, easy to follow, and takes a student from recipe idea all the way to packaged product ready for retail. Visit www.RetailReadyUniversity.com for more information.


Chevalo or Monique Wilsondebriano
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