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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Award-Winning Black Speaker, Author and Trainer Teaches Others How to Create a Successful Speaking Business

Dr. Chike Akua, founder of SuccessQuest Speakers Boot Camp

Dr. Chike Akua, founder of SuccessQuest Speakers Boot Camp

Nationwide — Speaking and training is a multi-billion dollar industry. More and more schools, companies and organizations are seeking and paying qualified speakers big dollars to come in and solve problems and add value through speaking and training their organizations using the speaker’s expertise, experience and knowledge.

The challenge is there are many qualified African Americans with expertise, experience and knowledge who want to start a speaking business, but don’t know how to get started or how to expand their speaking and training careers to do it full-time.

Dr. Chike Akua, founder of SuccessQuest Speakers Bootcamp Online, is changing that. He is an award-winning educator, author, trainer and speaker who has had more than 1,000 speaking engagements. His speaking and training services have been requested at urban schools, colleges and universities, educational conferences, churches, organizations and businesses around the world.

Over 25 years ago, as a first-year middle school language arts teacher, Dr. Akua had a passion for reaching Black students and teaching them about their history and culture. He learned very quickly, however, that many schools and school systems were not as committed to culturally responsive teaching and materials as he was. So he began speaking and writing about it.

Fast-forward twenty-five years, Dr. Akua is an internationally recognized speaker and author of 10 books in high demand.

“It wasn’t an easy road learning the speaking business, there was a lot of trial and error, but over time I learned how the speaking business works and developed a successful system,” Dr. Akua says.

But it wasn’t enough for him to make it big as a speaker and author, he wanted to help others do the same. He also wanted to show them how to become successful speakers and authors in much less time than it took him.

“Everywhere I traveled to speak, I would meet people who would say, ‘I want to do what you do. I want to speak. I want to write books.’ Or ‘I’ve already written a book but it’s not selling’ or ‘I’m speaking but I’m not getting paid. I heard this so much that I decided to launch the SuccessQuest Speakers Boot Camp to train a new generation of Black speakers, authors, trainers and consultants. Many of my Boot Camp Alumni have gone on to start lucrative and impactful speaking careers, many making over $100,000 a year,” says Dr. Akua.

After training over 500 Black speakers thru his annual weekend Speakers Bootcamp in Atlanta, Dr. Akua has now launched the SuccessQuest Speakers Boot Camp Online. This online platform makes the training more accessible to those around the world who want to acquire the skills and insights to build a successful speaking business from the convenience of their laptop, tablet or smart phone.

“There are a lot of great speakers out there who have a powerful message that needs to be heard. They have solutions to problems in our communities and schools. I used to be one of them. They may have mastered the craft of speaking, but don’t know the business of speaking,” says Dr. Akua.

The SuccessQuest Speakers Boot Camp Online training contains over twenty hours of live footage of Dr. Akua teaching speakers all of the ins and outs and secrets of how to create a successful speaking businesses. There is also a downloadable training manual that follows the sequence of the video modules. He even has several bonus interviews with some of his Boot Camp Alumni who have gone on to great success and who share what they have done to achieve success after attending the SuccessQuest Speakers Boot Camp.

Speakers who take the SuccessQuest Speakers Boot Camp Online training will learn how to market their speaker services, negotiate contracts, write a book in 30 days or less, create a powerful and profitable product line and much more.

He adds, “My goal is to impact 10,000 Black speakers and authors who, in their specialized areas, will provided impact and income for themselves and Black communities.”

To learn more about The SuccessQuest Speakers Boot Camp Online training visit www.SuccessQuestBootCamp.net.


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