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Thursday, December 3, 2020

New Children’s Book Celebrates Kamala Harris as America’s First Black Vice President

Eve Lynne, author of Ella B Jenkins Meets book series

Oakland, CA — A new children’s book entitled Ella B. Jenkins Meets Vice President Kamala Harris written by authors Eve Lynne Robinson and Whitney Jade Gordy, MFT pays homage to America’s first-ever Black and Asian Vice President.

In the fictional story, after meeting VP Harris at a march on Washington, Ella B. Jenkins, a perpetually fun-loving second grader with all-seeing eyes, larger-than-life afro puffs, and passionate perspectives, does what she does best — takes the reader on adventurous while traversing culture, ability, class, and political climates.

Created in 2009, the force behind this visionary character is Oakland, CA multifaceted mixed media artist Eve Lynne Robinson, who co-wrote this installment with Los-Angeles therapist Whitney Jade Gordy, MFT.

The Ella B. Jenkins Meets series represents her passion and is a testimony to her life’s work including establishing the Ella B. Jenkins Project in Nairobi, Kenya and applying her creative vision to Ella B. Jenkins ceramics, pencils, face masks, clothing, and soon-to-come dolls that children and adults alike will enjoy.

“I created Ella B. Jenkins because there was a need. A need to feel seen and a need to be represented. It’s about empowering the community and people of all ages,” says the artist, “who are so often ignored and underrepresented.”

The book is available online at https://ellabjenkins.com/shop

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