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Monday, August 10, 2020

New Children’s Book Offers a Diverse Voice in Storytelling Breaking Traditional Gender Roles

Prince and His Mother's Gown by Shellice Beharie

Nationwide — As parents, we always want to ensure our children know how special and unique they are; especially, in today’s social climate. Shellice Beharie, a mother of two boys and author of the children’s book, Prince and His Mother’s Crown: Tales Within My Mother’s Hair [Available Now], uses the incredible power of storytelling to do just that through this uplifting and sweet tale.

A whimsical fairytale with beautifully detailed illustrations throughout, a little boy named Prince becomes fascinated with his mother’s magical crown of hair. It showcases a graceful, loving mother finding her strength and “Queen” status from the love that she and her son share. As the “Queen” of the household, and mother to Prince, the story tells the unbreakable and inspiring bond of their relationship.

In this enchanting book, Prince and His Mother’s Crown, readers will discover:
* The unique bond between a mother and son
* Challenging traditional gender roles
* The beauty and acceptance of African-American hair
* Experiencing and embodying diversity by accepting all cultures
* African American boys as loving role models in sharing love and affection towards their mother and to others

Shellice Beharie, a new up, and coming African American children’s book author was born in Boston, Massachusetts but since then has been well-traveled and lived overseas. Shellice is now settled with her family and charming Seeing Eye Dog in Southern California.

Her career started in the fashion, music and entertainment industry where she owned her own fashion label and showroom. Shellice’s focus changed as events in her life changed. She lost her vision and became blind in 2016, and thus, forged a new path for herself.

Her most recent book, Prince and His Mother’s Crown: Tales Within My Mother’s Hair is dedicated to the memory of her son Nicholas, whom the Lord took home in 2019. Shellice chose to honor his memory with this very special story.

To learn more visit AuthorShelliceBeharie.com. Connect with Shellice Beharie on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @shellicebeharieauthor.

Prince and His Mother’s Crown: Tales Within My Mother’s Hair is available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

For press copies of the book, journalists should contact (626) 410-8691.


Shellice Beharie
(626) 410-8691