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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Chrisette Michele, Who Sang For Donald Trump’s Inauguration, Just Released a Song Called ‘Black Lives Matter’

Chrisette Michele

Nationwide — R&B singer Chrisette Michele was heavily criticized when she sang for Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration, and now the criticism continues with the release of her new single “Black Lives Matter”.

The song’s message is about love and compassion for everyone despite their ethnicity or political views, but Black Twitter is already making fun of it.

She does still have fans though that are standing by her side. Here are some comments that have been posted on social media:

“I was kind of mad at Chrisette. But I feel her pain. I pray she can heal and move on from this.” — Neph Pierre

“Thats my girl. I love her music. Im not gonna stop listing to her music because she did a JOB, which was singing for the inauguration.” — Roshonda Robinson

“Maybe I’m naive but I feel like she’s being genuine, I hope she finds peace.” — Madelin


Watch her recent interview on The Breakfast Club: