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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Mother & Daughter Duo Launch New Black-Owned Beauty Brand For Women of Color

Christia'n Annice, founders of Ethnicity Cosmetics

NationwideEthnicity Cosmetics was founded in 2017 by Christia’n Annice and her mom, Kim Blodgett. The mother and daughter duo have extensive backgrounds in the beauty and business industry and have established a successful small business consulting corporation that has helped well over 400+ women build sustainable small businesses and lifestyles through their guidance, mentorship, and network.

The two women entrepreneurs say that they are pleased to announce their company’s partnership with Walmart Marketplace, one of several that will carry their brand.

They curated and designed Ethnicity Cosmetics to help provide a platform for women of color to be proud of – A platform that serves the underserved market in the beauty industry.

Christia’n comments, “Our company is more than just another B.O.M.B. (Black-Owned Makeup Brand) for women, it’s a brand focused on breaking barriers and revolutionizing the world of beauty by providing a platform focused on the curation and development of products for melanated skin.”

The company aims to provide women of color with a brand that they can be proud of while looking good and feeling good about the use of the product and the purpose of the company.

Christia’n and Kim say that their mission is to help women of color identify with their natural beauty while empowering the art of enhancements through the use of their clean cosmetics.

Kim says, “It’s more than just another Black-owned cosmetics company. We are dedicated to providing a voice that will empower melanated beauties all over the world. Never be afraid to be you and rep your ethnicity.”

For more information about how to support this new beauty company, visit EthnicityCosmetics.com


Shop ethnicity on Walmart Marketplace:

Also, follow the brand on Instagram @ethnicity_cosmetics


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