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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Man Ignores Son’s Requests Not to Call the Police on a Black Man Who He Says Was “Trespassing”

Christopher Cukor, man who called police on Black man

Christopher Cukor

San Francisco, CA — Christopher Cukor, a white executive who reportedly works at YouTube, called the police on Wesley Michel, a Black software engineer who was waiting for his friend to come downstairs in an apartment building lobby in the Bay Area, accusing him of trespassing. A now-viral video shows him taunting Michel while his son who was with him literally begs him not to call the police.

In the video recorded by Michel himself, Cukor can be heard demanding to his identification and to call his friend. When Michel refused, Cukor threatened to call the police.

Cukor’s son, who was standing next to him, then protested and begged him, “Daddy, don’t. Don’t.”

Michel warned Cukor that he is being recorded and he is going to be “the next person on TV,” referring to several other viral videos of white people calling 911 on Black people for no valid reason.

“You don’t need to threaten me,” Cukor replied. “You just need to get out the building.”

Cukor then went on talking to someone on the phone, which appeared to be a 911 dispatcher. He said there was a trespasser, who he said “appears to be African-American” who refused to leave after tailing him as he entered the apartment building.

Throughout the altercation, Cukor’s son kept begging his father to just let the situation go. The young boy said, “Daddy, go. It’s the better, I agree with him, Daddy. It’s the better. I don’t like this. Let’s go.” He then seemed to begin crying as his father ignored his pleas.

The video of the incident soon went viral with over 3 million views since it was posted. While it has caused outrage from social media users, many have been sympathizing for the little boy.

“That poor kid. I feel sorry for him,” one said. “Having such an ignorant dad is not good at all.”

“Even the kid no his dad is wrong and is begging him not to call the police and to just leave,” another commented. “Sometimes kids are smarter than their parent. This is the case here.”

The confrontation ended only when Michel’s friend, who is handicapped, finally arrived. As seen on a second clip of the incident, Cukor then ended the 911 call and walked off.

Cukor, who allegedly works for YouTube in its Internet TV & Device Partnerships division, hasn’t made any comment about the incident yet.