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Thursday, January 19, 2023

Inc. 500 CEO Releases Revised Version of His Book, “Get Rich While Black… Without Being an Athlete, Entertainer or Drug Dealer”

Chuck Starks, author of 'Get Rich While Black'

Nationwide — Chuck Starks’ revised version of Get Rich While Black… Without Being an Athlete, Entertainer or Drug Dealer gives Black Americans the real reason they are poor in America (net worth almost 90% less than whites) and how to overcome racism and become financially successful. Starks says that there is no other book that directly confronts institutionalized racism in virtually all areas of Black life in America.

This prosperity provoking publication outlines ways for Black Americans to become financially successful and maybe millionaires without the almost impossible task of being a professional athlete or entertainer.

Starks comments, “Unfortunately, some Black people feel that they can only become rich by selling drugs or committing other crimes, and we know how that story ends; prison, premature death, or both.”

Get Rich While Black… (REVISED) gives Black Americans a proven plan to get and maintain generational wealth, without literally killing themselves working 2 or more jobs or attempting the almost impossible task of becoming a professional athlete or entertainer.

“Even if you are a successful athlete or entertainer, this book will help you maintain wealth since over 65% of all professional athletes and even more entertainers are broke within 5 years of retirement,” he adds.

This strategy will work for anyone, whether you are self-employed, work for the government, are a teacher, police officer, lawyer, doctor, carpenter, plumber, barber, janitor, electrician, auto repair person, or secretary. If you have an income, you can become financially successful.

Since white Americans own or manage between 80 and 85% of all businesses in America, they can dictate the success or failure of Black people. And whites, have relegated Black people to the lower rungs of the economic ladder.

Topics in the book include Reparations to Black Americans, New NCAA Ruling that Allows Black Student Athletes to Get Paid, Education and Black American Prosperity, Age Comparison of Black Millionaires, Chances of Becoming a Black Millionaire, Other Races Prospering in America, White Supremacy and White Dominance, Rich Black Men Marrying White Women, Black Student Loan Debt, Black Business Success/Failure, The Real “BIG LIE” in America, and of course, “How to Get Rich While Black…”

Starks comments, “Now Black Americans have a viable proven way of becoming wealthy/millionaires without worrying about debilitating racism getting in the way. White people or any people cannot stop you from becoming rich.”
His book can be purchased at all major book retailers including Amazon, Goodreads, Walmart, and others.

Chuck Starks is a Black American raised in Rio Linda, a rural area outside of Sacramento, California. He was in the technology business for over 30 years and started investing in income-producing real estate and currently has a net worth of over $2 million. Chuck is married and has 2 daughters and 3 grandchildren (two boys and a girl).

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