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Monday, March 20, 2017

Civil Rights Leaders Confront Korean Store Owner Who Choked Black Woman Because He Thought She Was Stealing

Korean Beauty Supply Owner Attacks Black Woman

Sung Ho Lim, owner of Missus Beauty Supply store in Charlotte, NC, is confronted by the Black community after he attacked a Black woman who was shopping in his store.

Charlotte, NC — Members of the NAACP and the Nation of Islam (NOI) recently confronted Sung Ho Lim, a Korean beauty supply store owner, after a cell phone video of him and his wife choking a Black woman went viral. Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, their store, Missha Beauty, mostly sells hair and skincare products for African Americans.

Ho Lim has accused the woman of attempting to steal eyelashes and has even filed charges against her, but the video footage does not show this at all. The video starts with the woman saying, “Check my bag. I’m telling you I don’t have it.” Next, Ho Lim and his wife can be seen attacking the woman, wrestling her to the ground, and then putting her in a chokehold.

After apologizing inside his store to a crowd of angry civil rights leaders and protesters, one representive from NOI tells Ho Lim that “sorry is not hard to say.” He then demands a meaningful apology, and warns him that the longer he waits, “the longer your store will be financially challenged.”

“So it’s on you,” the man says. “Y’all can wait. You can wait a month. But, do know that people will be out here demonstrating.”

Next, a representative of the NAACP tells him that “Black women are to be cherished… You offended the entire community because you attacked the queens of our community. You came into this country to better your family? Well, we built this country on the backs of our people and you said in one second that we didn’t matter.”

At the time this article was written, Lim has not been charged and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department said the woman accused of stealing “has not been identified or arrested.”

Meanwhile, protestors continue to demonstrate outside his store and another Missha Beauty store located in Chicago, IL.

Watch the video below: