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Thursday, June 25, 2020

Spoken Word Artist Claims the Most Important Missing Concept for Solving Internal Pandemic of Black People

In her new book, author Claire ‘Lethal’ Vilain turns social anxiety into an introspective poetry book.

Claire Lethal Vilain, author of No Cappin’ Don’t Test Africa

Columbia, MD — A new book from seasoned Haitian spoken word artist and educator, Claire ‘Lethal’ Vilain, helps readers achieve, cultivate, and empower African Diasporans on how to resolve internal struggles by looking towards Africa for answers.

Her book, entitled No Cappin’ Don’t Test Africa: A Worldwide Message, taps into her 11+ years of hands-on personal experience to outline a guide that covers topics such as eliminating toxic behaviors, having honest conversations with ourselves, conducting a self-check-in, how to no lost motivation during hard times. Moreover, it also guides the readers on how to become more introspective and looking towards Africa in the process of cultivating a deeper understanding of our Africanity.

This timely and impactful guide doesn’t just explain why self-reflection, self-determination, and self-love this exuded on how poetry can be used as a tool to teach.

No Cappin’ Don’t Test Africa: A Worldwide Message offers relatable stories, insightful reflections, and a variety of practical tools and tactics that will help anyone learn how to:

* How to remove toxic behaviors
* How to be honest with ourselves
* How to conduct a self-check-in
* How to not lose motivation during a pandemic

“If there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm,“ is an African proverb that embodies the central message of No Cappin’ Don’t Test Africa: A Worldwide Message. Currently, people of African descent have been facing systemic oppression at an all-time high, but the only difference that is going on today is that it is now being recorded. There has been an ongoing saturation of black death that marks the injustices of our people which is starting a new age revolution. People from around the world have supported the Black Lives Matters Movement for some of the most recently reported injustices that have made it to the media. In order to change the issues that are happening around us, it is imperative that we also take our internal struggles just as seriously.

As a spoken word artist, Lethal has performed on the east coast of North America. She has performed in a variety of venues from open mics, slam competitions, and other venues. Lethal writes from personal experience and does not allow her trauma to define who she is. She also has a strong sense of self and strives to pour that into her audience.

Lethal’s authenticity sets her apart from other artists as she paves a new movement for poets to be recognized beyond performing in slam competitions.

No Cappin’ Don’t Test Africa: A Worldwide Message ($12.99, 61 pages, 5 x 8, paperback, ISBN: 978-1735178004) will be available in local neighborhoods and online booksellers or on www.LethalPoet.net


Claire Vilain