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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Crime Fighter By Day, Entrepreneur at Night — LA Area Police Officer Releases New Book on How to Be Successful

— Author and Fitness Guru, Cleon (CJ) Joseph, gives insight into his entrepreneurial journey to inspire personal growth to all in his new book called, “Navigating Through the Valleys of Success – A Perspective in the Thick of It”. —

Cleon Joseph, author of Navigating Through the Valleys of Success

Cleon Joseph, author of Navigating Through the Valleys of Success

Los Angeles, CA — Navigating Through the Valleys of Success – A Perspective in the Thick of It is an inspirational piece meant to empower anyone with a dream to find the true meaning of success. Many people give up on their life passions due to finances, economic recession, personal tragedies, grief, guilt, negative influences and difficult work environments that seem impossible to escape. Author Cleon Joseph (CJ) welcomes readers into his personal walk to show how God orchestrated human influence to guide him out of his valleys. He also illustrates how difficult circumstances in the ‘valleys’ of his journey were the sharpening tools to forge his climb to the success that was designed for him. This book is meant to encourage readers to never give up on their dreams. CJ illustrates that there is a plan of success for everyone, but the blueprint begins in the valley.

CJ explains, “In this book, I reveal my process for staying in the fight for the American Dream regardless of life challenges. I want readers to understand that hope, tenacity, integrity, influence and even failure manifests the success we desire. While pushing through adversity, I discovered that the valleys in my life were the puzzle pieces to uncover the true meaning of success. The secrets I discovered are woven in the body of this work. It is time for all of us to climb out of the valley.”

Navigating Through the Valleys of Success is for people from all walks of life who desire to fight for their dreams no matter the obstacle. CJ continues, “Our goals and passions may be different, but the formula to achieve true success is the same. You’ll never know if you quit on yourself. This is not a step by step process. This is a fusion of real life epiphanies and messengers in the form of humans who helped guide me out of the valleys into higher platforms.”

As CEO of CJ’s Functional Fitness, CJ is a premier fitness coach in Los Angeles, with almost 30-years of fitness experience and multiple certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). He is also a respected 22-year law enforcement veteran in the Los Angeles area. CJ has been a featured fitness expert on numerous radio and television news segments and has partnered with non-profit organizations like The Center for Lupus Care, American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association and Special Needs Network to further spread the message of wellness all over Southern California and abroad. He also created his own community wellness program called Battle of the Bulge LA.

To purchase your copy of CJ’s new book Navigating Through the Valleys of Success, visit www.navigatingsuccess.net. It is available on paperback via Amazon Prime, Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble devices. If in the Los Angeles area paperbacks are also available at CJ’s Functional Fitness studio in Lawndale, California. It is the perfect holiday gift for those you love.

For speaking engagements, call 424-456-7306 or send an email to cj.functional@gmail.com.

Also, follow CJ on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Cleonjoseph2 or Twitter at www.twitter.com/cjfunctional.