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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cleveland Gary, CEO, Black Shopping Channel (BSC) Signs $125 Million Deal to Expand TV Viewership

Cleveland Gary, CEO of Black Shopping Channel

The added $125 million to the company’s balance sheet raises the Black Shopping Channel’s market value to a $700 million dollar company and growing.

West Palm Beach, FL — Black Shopping Channel has announced that it has successfully completed a $125 million deal. The proceeds will be used to expand TV viewership nationwide on Comcast, DirectTV, and Time Warner. The Black Shopping Channel currently airs on Dish Network, and the financing structure is a combination of debt and equity in affiliation with a New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) bank.

Cleveland Gary, CEO of the company, comments, “The added $125 million to the company’s balance sheet raises the Black Shopping Channel’s market value to a $700 million dollar company and growing.” The company is also currently negotiating with other interested hedge funds and banks to secure more capital for global expansion on television, as well as the internet.

Gary says that the Black Shopping Channel’s global internet presence will achieve TV-like revenue numbers with the added commodity of consumer’s purchasing products from mobile devices.

By the end of 2015, the Black Shopping Channel anticipates 200,000,000 unique visitors per month on their web site at www.blackshoppingchannel.com. This opens the gateway for small business owners who can own a free virtual store to promote their products and have their products seen by that many shoppers monthly in the BSC online mall.

Gary says that every small business owner’s free BSC virtual online store page can be valued more than each Facebook users page because it is monetized with a free e-commerce shopping cart. This BSC E-commerce/Social media platform allows each small business owner’s BSC virtual online store page to not only share information but to sell their products worldwide without the additional cost to the small business
owner of an e-commerce shopping cart.

The Black Shopping Channel is expecting to do an IPO in the near future to have the stock listed and traded on NASDAQ.

About the Black Shopping Channel
Black Shopping Channel, (BSC), is the only Urban television shopping channel that sells the products of small business owners across America on national television in a QVC format and on the Internet in an Amazon type format. BSC is broadcast over national television on FTA access, DISH Network, and cable to over 20,000,000 homes across the United States. Additionally, BSC is available over the satellite transponder and the internet to the entire world. BSC controls an internet broadcast network, www.blackshoppingchannel.tv where consumers can shop through infomercials about the innovative products of small business owners all organized on 16 network channels.

BSC has over 2300 distributors across the US markets to assist small business owners in getting their products sold over television. The BSC format is designed to provide small business owners with a platform to advertise and sell more products in a television shopping channel format. Also, BSC has contracts and partnerships with Charter, Comcast, and Time Warner/AOL and Google. They are looking to expand broadcast coverage to over 97,000,000 homes in 2015. Visit www.blackshoppingchannel.com or call 800-826-1497 for more information.

Black Shopping Channel
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