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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

First Black Woman to Own a Line of Chalk Paint Celebrates Grand Opening of Her Retail Location in Downtown Cleveland

Founder of Coco's Chalky Paints

Nationwide — Coco, as the founder and creator of Coco’s Chalky Paint Powder has come to affectionately be known by not only her children – who gave her the fun moniker – but also by her beloved clients, is proud to announce the opening of the first retail location for her innovative chalky paint powder. The 17 thousand square feet of retail and event space can be found in the Architectural 5th Street Arcades in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. Coco is the first Black woman to own a chalk paint line of products and retail store to showcase them.

Coco’s story is as impressive as her product. A philanthropist and painter, Coco found herself assuming the role of scientist when it came to develop Coco’s Chalky Paint Powder. With the help of a German chemical engineer, who was renting a room at her house, and whose work entailed working with chalk paint ingredients, Coco measured ingredients; tested product batches; learned about the ordering process, and managed to formulate a mixture that came to be known as Coco’s Chalky Paint Powder.

“My goal was to develop a wonderful chalk paint at a fraction of the cost of store-bought brands,” said Coco. “Coco’s Chalky Paint Powder is a natural paint additive that can be mixed with any brand or color of flat latex or acrylic paint to make chalk‐like paint that is perfect for crafting, décor and antiquing furniture. It can be used on virtually any surface, like laminate, concrete, metal, stone, clay, and plastic, while it is easy to apply and extremely forgiving. No sanding or priming needed – once the paint reaches its creamy, super adhesive consistency, it’s ready to be used for any painting adventure!”

Following Coco’s Chalky Paint Powder immediate online success, Coco soon understood that, in order to meet demand and strengthen the company’s philanthropic mission, she would have to open a brick-­and­‐mortar location where she would not only sell her flagship product, but also Coco’s Little Black Bags and Little Black Box Kits, which include “the three items all chalk painters need” – her chalky paint powder; an Md Brush; 2 Coco Stix, and other must-have items. The Coco’s Chalky Paint Powder store will also host various workshops and classes, and inform customers on how they can become patrons of the store’s supported charities.

“A major portion of the sales of each chalky powder bag will give back to those in need. This is why Coco’s Chalky Paint Powder is also known as ‘The Powder That Pays It Forward,’” said Coco.
“Every year, for the past 12 years, we choose a school to donate gifts and items for back to school and Christmas Holidays, while, this year, we have also brought toys and games to little ones who were hospitalized during the season. We intend to expand our charitable activity to include many more organizations that are in need of funds or items to sustain their operations, and we encourage our wonderful and amazing customers to join us in our efforts to make this world a little brighter.”

Customers and friends of Coco’s CHALKY Paints can keep up with its news and learn more about its charitable drives by following Coco’s CHALKY Paints on Instagram @CocosChalkyPaints and on Facebook.com/CocosChalkyPaints.

To learn more about Coco’s CHALKY Paints, please visit www.CocosChalkyPaints.com


Coco’s Chalky Paints