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Sunday, March 22, 2020

5 Confirmed Cases of African Americans Who Died from Coronavirus

African Americans who have died from Coronavirus

Nationwide — Many from urban communities initially believed that Black people were immune to the coronavirus. This was obviously false information partly due to the media’s bias in their reporting. Not only can Black people contract the COVID-19 virus, but many are also dying from it. Here are just five of many confirmed cases:

#1 – Larry Edgeworth: a 61-year old long-time employee of NBC News. According to CNN, he worked in an equipment room at the company’s headquarters in New York City, also suffered from other health issues.

#2 – Oliver Stokes Jr.: a 50-year old man from New Orleans who was best known as Go DJ Black N Mild. He worked as a DJ in Houston for KHOU, and also spun bounce records for New Orleans AM station WBOK. According to People, he was initially diagnosed with pneumonia.

#3 – Patricia Frieson: a 61-year old retired nurse from Chicago who had a history of respiratory issues which including severe asthma. NBC Chicago reports that she contracted the virus at a nursing home.

#4 – Alvin Simmons: a 54-year old from Rochester, New York. He reportedly had hypertension and liver disease, and was initially diagnosed with pneumonia. After being given antibiotics, he vomited blood, had a stroke, and later tested positive for coronavirus according to ABC 13 News.

#5 – Tre Hiser: a 32-year old family man reportedly Indianapolis, Indiana. He was a father, husband, son, and uncle. He reportedly contracted the virus from someone he knew who also was infected.

For the best information about the virus pandemic, please follow the Center of Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) or call the National Coronavirus Helpline at (888) 581-5029.

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