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Sunday, February 19, 2017

CopCritic Mobile Application May Be the Solution to Police Violence on Unarmed Minorities

Cop Critic Mobile App

Nationwide — Victor Holman, creator of a new mobile app called CopCritic, comments, “Our brothers and sisters’ freedom is at great risk. Our president is contemplating instating stop and frisk laws in Chicago and other major cities, immigration laws are shaky, and our president is dividing our people and the police that protect us. Incidents with law enforcement are sure to rise. We cannot allow another Trevon Martin, Philando Castile, Eric Garner, or Levar Jones. We must protect ourselves with our greatest defense… the truth!”

CopCritic (www.CopCritic.com) is the first live streaming mobile application and website designed to protect citizens whose rights are in jeopardy, to keep our communities safe from unfair treatment, and to hold abusive officers accountable for their actions. But most importantly, it reduces the tensions of officers who feel threatened when approaching members of minority communities. When launched, CopCritic alerts the mobile user’s emergency contacts and sends them a link to the live stream, so that loved ones are aware of the situation and so transparency and accountability are maintained. Members and site visitors can view the live streams, rate the officer(s) performance and escalate the situation if they believe the officer or community member is in danger. Viewers hit thumbs up and thumbs down in the part of the videos where they believe officers perform above or below performance standards. Feedback is used to help police training and to weed out officers with a history of aggressive behavior.

Holman, who is also the owner of Lifecycle Performance Professionals, is a performance management expert who has built over 50 products and systems to help businesses and individuals perform at high levels. Holman believes that CopCritic can be the solution to bridging the gap between community expectations and police training. “All year people judged athletes and celebrities who spoke up for change, because they didn’t have a solution,” says Holman. “The real solution will come from the people that visit CopCritic, rate police performance and provide valuable feedback, which can then be translated into training and improved communication.”

When asked if he’s concerned that people will look at the name CopCritic and think it’s an anti-police application, Holman said, “I am a huge supporter of law enforcement and the men and women who risk their lives each day to protect us. But the fact remains that some of our innocent youth are getting killed and this app will save lives.”

CopCritic tracks the location of the incidents, so that statistics and search results can be grouped by police departments and jurisdiction. Holman adds, “It’s exciting, because we’ll get to really understand the differences and points of views that people of different races, ages, religions and sex have and we’ll begin to bridge these gaps and help law enforcement understand how to best approach different types of individuals and achieve safer outcomes.”

CopCritic isn’t limited to any demographic. Holman believes that CopCritic can be a great safety application for women in unsafe environments who want their loved ones to know what is going on and for immigrants who may encounter abuse and unconstitutional treatment as the president continues to push for aggressive immigration reform.

Holman is looking for partners and investors interested in making a change.

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