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Monday, September 12, 2016

New CopCritic Mobile App Saves Black Lives and Balances Racial Injustices with Police

Cop Critic Mobile App

Tallahassee, FL — On September 13, 2016, Victor Holman of Lifecycle Performance Professionals will be launching CopCritic – the first ever live streaming mobile app and website focused specifically on ensuring safe interactions between law enforcement and the communities they serve.

A preview of the app can be viewed on YouTube video here:

CopCritic allows the public to view, monitor, rate, comment on and escalate situations where officers are over aggressive or someone’s life is in danger. The app itself and the 3 L’s process (Launch, License, Let) is designed to de-escalate potential life threatening situations during routine stops.

How the app works:

* User pushes the Live Stream button when confronted by police
* CopCritic notifies app user’s emergency contacts and sends them link to live stream
* CopCritic app broadcasts the live interaction with police
* Stream is archived to a channel based on the police station and location
* Public can view live and archived streams
* Viewers can rate, comment on and escalate live streams
* Data gathered from ratings, comments and forum posts are used to help improve knowledge and training for law enforcement

The mission of CopCritic is to end the avoidable violence, which law abiding citizens sometimes encounter when interacting with police; to balance the systemic injustices and unfair treatment that ultimately lead to excessive force and shootings; to disarm the tensions police have when approaching minorities; and to ensure both party’s safety.

The app also aims to help law enforcement understand what is considered good and poor behavior from the public’s perception, and to provide law enforcement with data and analytics to help the better understand the communities they serve and improve training.

When asked why change is needed, founder Victor Holman said, “Police have killed at least 1,624 people in 2015 and 2016. 198 of them were unarmed. Only 10 cases have resulted in an officer being charged with a crime. The intent of CopCritic is not to charge officers with crimes, but to avoid these incidents all together. CopCritic will save lives.”

According to a recent nationwide survey, 61% of officers do not always report serious abuse by fellow officers. And 52% turn a blind eye to excessive force committed by fellow officers.

“With CopCritic, we will be able to identify officers that have a history of aggressive behavior, and get them the proper training they need before another tragic accident occurs,” Holman adds. “It’s time for transparency in these incidents!”

According to statistics, 11 million Blacks and Hispanics will get pulled over. 716,000 will get searched and 386,000 will experience excessive force. This means that we, and our cell phones, may be the only line of defense when it comes to incidents with aggressive and abusive law enforcement officers.

Benefits to the Public:
* Complete transparency with law enforcement interactions
* A standard process for ensuring safety for police and public
* App user’s loved ones get notified immediately when there is a situation
* Encourages police to be on their best behavior

Benefits to Law Enforcement:
* Officers can increase public confidence and trust
* Streams can be used as training tools
* Complete transparency. Captures more than patrol car can
* Peace of mind knowing citizen is asking for safe, peaceful interaction
* Provides a bridge between law enforcement and community

Benefits to Parents:
* Parents will know when child is in police custody
* Child has a standard, safe process for interacting with authorities
* There is complete transparency in the way their child is handled
* Their children will know loved ones are with them
* Parents can respond faster

Why Now?
* This issue is at the forefront of race relations
* Noted politicians, athletes and other celebrities have called for change
* America (and the UK) is open for ideas to create change


This application launches on Tuesday, September 13th. Funds raised will help cover the hardware, bandwidth, data analytics and law enforcement training expert costs. All are encouraged to make a difference and help fund the CopCritic Kickstarter campaign, which can be found at the following link: www.kickstarter.com/projects/339738421/copcritic-app-helping-police-and-public-communicat

For more information, Victor Holman can be contacted at (888) 861-8733.


Victor Holman
Lifecycle Performance Professionals
(888) 861-8733

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