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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

6-Year Old Author Reveals Memory Trick to Help Children Learn and Review the Alphabet in a Fun Way

Corban Stephenson

Washington, DC — Six-year-old Corban Stephenson has written a new book entitled Alexander’s Hide and Seek Alphabet. While there are many alphabet books out there, this book has a different spin.

Corban’s book uses a fun learning technique called the “Loci Method” to help kids, ages 4-6, learn and review the alphabet. The method is a memory tool that connects the information kids want to remember with places they know well.

Learning the alphabet is one of the first literacy concepts children learn. It is the foundation for developing language and communication. Corban’s book presents the alphabet in an entertaining and playful manner.

Corban, who learned the alphabet when he was just 1-year old, wanted to write a book to help his younger brother and other kids learn the letters. While working on his book during the school year, he took the lead in critiquing the illustrations, approving the cover, and telling others about the book.

Corban has a YouTube channel called Corban’s Fun Learning Adventures. He shares fun science experiments, DIY projects, and learning games weekly.

At the SimplyOutrageousYouth.org store, Corban and his mom provide fun educational resources. There are books, online courses detailing how Corban learned to read at 21 months, and fun study tricks for kids.

Corban loves to learn and share his new findings with others. This is a big task for a six-year-old and he is proud to do it.

For press inquiries, contact Andrea Stephenson at amills@SimplyOutrageousYouth.com