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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

New Kids’ Book Series Encourages Black Children to Be More Health Conscious

Cornbread Healthy Food Challenge by Vincent Taylor


Nationwide — The country is becoming health conscience and so is the children’s book character Cornbread! Author Vincent Taylor, who’s also an elementary school teacher of 19 years, will release his fifth book in the Cornbread series entitled Cornbread and the Healthy Food Challenge on January 16, 2016.

Taylor is excited about this new book, not because it’s humorous like the other four chapter books in the series and not because it has the character education trait “determination” embedded in the storyline. It’s because this time he’s bringing awareness to diabetes, a disease that continues to affect over 29 million Americans and another 79 million that have prediabetes.

More than likely, all of us know at least one person who has diabetes. Mr. Taylor say, “I have family members and close friends who live with this disease every day, and I’ve seen how their lives have changed. This was simply my attempt to bring awareness to diabetes and hopefully prevent young boys and girls from experiencing what they have had to experience.”

If the contents of his book will help even one child or that child’s parents, it will certainly be worth the time and effort he has poured into this literary piece of work.

If you’re interesting in supporting Vincent Taylor’s cause by helping him make this book a reality, go to www.CornbreadSeries.com and find out how you can receive a pre-release copy of the new book as well as all the other wonderful rewards in his Kickstarter campaign.