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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Life & Emotional Wellness Coach Cory George Releases New Problem Resolution Guide “Sit or Stand 2.0”

Says, “Aim to Build Confidence and Understanding to Live Your Best Life”

— Expert life & emotional wellness coach Cory George releases new self-awareness book entitled “Sit or Stand 2.0” to help individuals transcend their lifestyle to unprecedented new heights. —

Cory George, author of Sit or Stand 2.0

Author Cory George, and his bookcover

Washington, DC — After countless features on television, reviews from notable literary geniuses and helping thousands of individuals over the world improve their life, and enduring his own life-experiences, Cory George made a discovery that sparked the release of his new book.

Often times, we change our surroundings (including ourselves) thinking that we can escape the downfalls of life or those of our past. With so much fortitude to change “us” we forget the change begins with resolving our problems, not escaping from them. This highly-relatable and highly-palatable “problem resolution guide” helps to build confidence and effective communication skills by stressing the importance of understanding who you are before you are able to translate your desires to reality.

The book aims to provide lessons in understanding and creating realistic expectations and comprehending the importance of a healthy support system. Sit or Stand 2.0 (now available on Amazon.com and GooglePlay.com) empowers the reader by making clear that we all have the ability to positively affect our lives and the lives of those around us. The book teaches the reader how to give positive value to every adversity that will come. Reading the book and doing the work will result in current and future relationships becoming more meaningful and intentional.

The reader’s secret aspirations will be transformed into realistic and attainable goals, and will learn to balance one’s confidence and courage with humility and grace. The book challenges the reader to find the courage to not only break the chains created by a hostile past but to also create an existence where positive chances are taken and, in return, establishing a foundation of faith, reconciliation, and excellence.

George will begin the Sit or Stand 2.0 book tour on February 13, 2016 as part of Julie’s Love & Friends Second Annual Love in Action event. The event will be held at Bohrer Park – 512 South Frederick Avenue, Gaithersburg, MD 20877. Love is Action is a day of celebration of the community by providing an enriching space filled with love. There will be makeovers, food, resource tables, and gifts.

While many have looked to life-coaches to change their life, this groundbreaking literary masterpiece is the first ever to empower individuals to heighten their life, their finances, opportunities and the entire world around them while creating balance, a solid foundation of self support, and developing the communication tools needed for self expression. All on-line book purchases will be personally autographed by Cory George.

About Cory George:
Author and motivational speaker Cory George is a highly skilled personal change advocate committed to fostering positive change through impassioned motivation and assisting his clients in accepting the BIG PICTURE while becoming more efficient through thought and behavior modification. George aims to open doors to conversations that families have either been too afraid or unprepared to undertake. He attributes his personal success to having great mentors that believed in him as well as discovering his divine purpose and forming a spiritual connection that dictates his work within his passion. For more information visit www.corygeorgemedia.com

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