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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Culsire – Where Culture Meets Desire, The Only Place to Be

— Culsire.com Set to Dominate African-American Communities World-Wide. —


Phoenix, AZ — www.CulSire.com is an online platform for Black/African-Americans to receive information, promote businesses, make connections and unite nationally through knowledge. CulSire’s number one aim is to highlight the various resources and businesses that are available inside the African-American community to help dollars circulate longer within their community. The CulSire.com brand will launch on Saturday, March 15, 2014 with an official launch and celebration in April.

As a ground-breaking effort, CulSire.com was set up to provide a one-stop resource center for news, sports, entertainment, lifestyle and business information for the African-American community on the web. Rod Brown, C.O.O. at Once Logix calls it “the virtual USA Today for people of color.”

“It’s the only website of its kind that provides relevant insight to the Black community as a whole from history, to business, to education, to beauty, to finance, to community, etc.,” says CEO & Founder LaNée Javet. CulSire.com is like no other; the empowerment, education and enrichment that the platform provides will change the lives of many.

The dimensional CulSire.com platform also introduces a Black business directory the community can freely access. To have a basic business listing is “Free” as an incentive for businesses to register.

Another interesting aspect to the CulSire operation is CulSire.tv, an online television network for African-American programming. Currently, it has 25 different genres of programming to offer and airs four shows.

With a target audience make up of Black consumers looking for positive messages, CulSire.tv is strategically set to dominate the African-American market. Their aim is to primarily engage, support, uplift and motivate the Black/African-American community.  “CulSire.tv is the future of Black television programming,” says LaNée.

In the second quarter of 2014, the CulSire mobile app will launch, and will seamlessly integrate the business directory and CulSire.tv to any mobile device. The app will also give travelers the ability to locate national Black businesses and landmarks based on their location via GPS. The CulSire mobile app supports Facebook and Twitter from within the app and has a direct feed from CulSire.tv to allow its downloaders TV on the go.

“We encompass all aspects of the Black/African-American day-to-day life,” adds LaNée. She believes knowledge and accessibility to support Black businesses, television, organizations and resources will help the Black community effectively deal with economic empowerment.

About Culsire.com
CulSire.com is an on-line platform that is based in Phoenix, Arizona.  Culsire provides relevant insight to the Black community as a whole from community, to business, to history, to education, to beauty, to finance and more. Another aspect of CulSire.com is CulSire.tv, the visual component and on-line television network, which is currently offering 25 different genres of programming and airing four shows.  The management and marketing personnel of CulSire.com have a combined 30 years of experience.

LaNee Javet
CulSire, LLC
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