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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Black-Owned Tech Startup Helps You Send Real Greeting Cards in the Mail Without Leaving the House

In the wake of the Coronavirus, greeting cards can bridge the gap created by social distancing

Dionne Mahaffey, founder of Culture Greetings

Nationwide — “The world is pretty bleak right now so it is critical that we are intentional about staying connected to the people we love,” said Culture Greetings’ founder, Dr. Dionne Mahaffey.

Founded in 2018, Culture Greetings  is an innovative Black greeting cards platform that lets users choose a greeting card, write a personal note using handwriting fonts that mirror real penmanship and click “send,” which cues the state-of-the-art printing press. The company then prints and mails the card directly to the recipient the following business, saving customers a trip to the store.

“Although this pandemic has stopped us from being social in person, the Post Office is still hard at work and our staff is taking every safety precaution to get your cards in the mail,” Mahaffey added.

She describes the process of selecting and sending cards as easy as posting a birthday greeting on social media or sending a text message. The Culture Greetings website offers a tutorial of the entire process. In addition, the company offers gift cards from Amazon, Home Depot, iTunes and several other places that can be included in the mailing.

We all know someone—a family member or a friend—that we usually see but now we can’t spend time together.

“Everyone loves getting cards in the mail. And the relatively safe and short walk to the mailbox can help them break the monotony of being in the house all day,” she said.

“It’s the perfect time to send a card to simply say, ‘Be encouraged’, ‘Happy Birthday’, ‘Hang in There’, ‘Thank You’, or ‘I’m Thinking of You.’ There is always a reason to send a greeting card,” Mahaffey continued.

“It’s also a great idea to spread love to healthcare workers, first responders and those who can’t get visitors like seniors in nursing homes and those in children’s hospitals. Why not make calls to local agencies and facilities to get a list of mailing addresses and names,” she added.

Culture Greetings, offers over 1,500 greeting cards, most with imagery featuring Black and Brown people. The cards span all holidays and occasions, and there are also templates that lets you add your own photo on the front. Additionally, there is a Quarantine Cards collection that offers sentiment as well as humor to help us all get through this pandemic.

“Anything you would find in Hallmark, CVS, or on a greeting card aisle, you will find on the Culture Greetings website except we have all Black and African American greeting cards,” she concluded.


About the company:
Culture Greetings offers real, greeting cards featuring diverse images and themes. Customers can select and personalize cards using handwriting fonts that mirror real penmanship. Through innovative technology, Culture Greetings will print, stamp and mail the cards directly to the recipient the next business day. For more information, visit: https://CultureGreetings.com

Watch the YouTube video to see how it works:


Culture Greetings

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