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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

CurlKit Celebrates 3rd Anniversary With A Box Takeover By Dark & Lovely Au Naturale Moisture L.O.C. Line

— Launched in 2012, CurlKit is the most sought-after subscription service for women with curly, coily, kinky, locs and textured hair. —


New York, NY — This month, CurlKit kicks off their third anniversary with a “Curls on Fleek” themed Dark & Lovely takeover box. Known for being a committed leader focused on delivering state-of-the-art ethnic hair care products, Dark & Lovely continues to provide new and exciting ways to experience the brand through exclusively featuring the NEW Au Naturale Moisture L.O.C. Line in the March CurlKit subscriber box. The Dark & Lovely Au Naturale Moisture L.O.C. Line is specifically formulated for women with naturally curly hair and follows the notable L.O.C. Method that is used by many naturals to add and lock in moisture to flaunt elongated curls.

“Our alliance with CurlKit to introduce our new line complements our commitment  to providing quality products that meet the consumer’s hair care needs. Three years is a major milestone for any business and we are happy to be a part of this month long celebration,” says Dark & Lovely’s Assistant VP of Marketing, Sivonne Davis. Offering new subscribers 15% off of their first box, CurlKit’s popularity amongst naturals as the go to subscriber box for the most innovative and respected products in the industry aligned with Dark & Lovely’s philosophy on enabling everyone to celebrate their own beauty with confidence and flair makes this the perfect collaboration to reach & engage new consumers.

In March 2012, CurlKit launched their subscription service for curly, coily, kinky, locs and textured hair. In just 3 short years, CurlKit has grown to be one of the most sought after subscription companies on the market. Boasting a growth of over 5000% in the first year and impressive incremental growth each year since, each professionally packaged CurlKit arrives directly to the subscriber’s door each month with a new edition of CurlLife Magazine. Endorsed by hair experts, CurlKit subscribers receive 6 -9 hand-selected products from both well-known brands and emerging beauty lines. Products range from pomades and conditioners to styling tools.

Adored for their quality of service and unique touch, the Natural Hair Community coined CurlKit as the #1 go-to company for natural hair products and education. As a way to show their appreciation, CurlKit will celebrate this month with unique products and special offers. “We are proud to spearhead the launch of the new line and so grateful for all of the support that we receive from brands and subscribers,” shares Heather Cummings, Founder, Director of Marketing for CurlKit. “Their ongoing support gives legitimacy to what the niche brands have been saying all along about wanting to add value to the subscription service business by reinforcing education and information as a part of our subscription.

The CurlKit team having extensive knowledge and first-hand experience in the best use of the selected products, enables subscribers to cut through the clutter to find new brand name products while rediscovering tried but true favorites. “Providing products and video tutorials has enabled CurlKit to take the subscription service business to an entirely new level. Our how-to information help naturals take better care of their hair,” explained Cummings. “We plan to remain an integral part of the natural hair community. Providing quality products paired with quality Customer Service, CurlKit is known for its Platinum Customer Service. Our customers are our most valuable asset, so we want to make sure that they have a voice when it comes to what is featured in their monthly subscriber package.”

For more information and to sign-up for a subscription, please visit: www.CurlKit.com

About CurlKit
CurlKit is a complete solution for women with naturally curly hair of various textures. They provide exclusive services, product samples, tutorials, videos, how-to manuals and information to help lifelong naturals, as well as, women who are choosing a newly natural hair style. CurlKit had their premier launch in March 2012, opening Curlkit.com to customers in United States, Canada, Hawaii and the US Virgin Islands. In September 2012 they expanded their market share to over 150 countries worldwide accomplishing one of their first-year goals ahead of schedule.

About Ms. Heather Cummings
Heather Cummings is the founder and innovator behind CurlKit. Her journey began ten years ago when Ms. Cummings had to struggle through the trials and tribulations inherent in the transition from processed to natural hair. It was during this journey that Ms. Cummings knew that she had to create a way to help others maneuver their way through their natural journey. Through her determination and innovative spirit, the idea behind CurlKit was created.

Melange, PR