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Monday, August 31, 2015

CurlKit Launches “CurlSTAR Favorites Box” — Offering Consumers Instant Access to Brands Coveted By Superstars

Kim Coles, CurlKit

New York, NY — EXCLUSIVE, LUXURIOUS, SULTRY, LUSCIOUS, OPULENT. These are all words that describe the brand new “CurlSTAR Favorites Box by CurlKit” on sale 8/8/15. Curated by vloggers, bloggers and celebrity personalities, CurlSTAR gives consumers instant access to the products and brands that they LOVE!

“CurlKit has a reputation for excellence within the natural hair community and I am honored to be the featured celebrity for the launch of the brand’s new CurlSTAR box,” shares actress, Kim Coles. “I want all women to know that they are Be-YOU-tiful, and CurlSTAR has enabled me to take that message from the small screen directly to the mailboxes of thousands of women. You are the star of the moment and have earned instant access to the top tier beauty swag used by your favorite superstars to get gorgeous.”

“CurlSTAR Favorites Box by CurlKit” will give brands the opportunity to get their products in front of millions of prospective buyers who respect and trust the opinion of our CurlSTARS,” explains Heather Cummings, Founder & Director of Marketing for CurlKit. Each CurlSTAR has a Social Media reach of 500K-2 Million. Through Social Media Reviews, Videos, and Blog Articles consumers will gain valuable brand knowledge paired with exclusive tips from industry experts.

Adored for their quality of service and unique touch, the Natural Hair Community coined CurlKit as the #1 go-to company for natural hair products and education. The CurlKit team’s extensive knowledge and first-hand experience in the best use of the selected products paired with the CurlSTAR’s pulse on what is trending, enables subscribers to cut through the clutter to find new brand name products enjoyed by their favorite celebrities. “Providing products and video tutorials has enabled CurlKit to take the subscription service business to an entirely new level, and we are looking forward to building on that momentum with CurlSTAR,” says Cummings.

For more information and to sign-up for a subscription, please visit: www.CurlKit.com/CurlSTAR


About CurlKit
CurlKit is a complete solution for women with naturally curly hair of various textures. They provide exclusive services, product samples, tutorials, videos, how-to manuals and information to help lifelong naturals, as well as, women who are choosing a newly natural hair style. CurlKit had their premier launch in March 2012, opening Curlkit.com to customers in United States, Canada, Hawaii and the US Virgin Islands. In September 2012 they expanded their market share to over 150 countries worldwide accomplishing one of their first-year goals ahead of schedule.

About Ms. Heather Cummings
Heather Cummings is the founder and innovator behind CurlKit. Her journey began ten years ago when Ms. Cummings had to struggle through the trials and tribulations inherent in the transition from processed to natural hair. It was during this journey that Ms. Cummings knew that she had to create a way to help others maneuver their way through their natural journey. Through her determination and innovative spirit, the idea behind CurlKit was created.


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