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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Black Entrepreneur Launches New Global Multicultural Dating Platform

— Curtis Nicholson, founder of  www.NuPassion.com, is helping singles of all nationalities find friendships, love and romance —

Curtis Nicholson, founder of NuPassion.com

Curtis Nicholson, founder of NuPassion.com

Alliance, OH — New Passion or should we say NuPassion is already here and has been for almost a decade and some have not yet discovered them. Whether your passion is intelligent conversation, religion, political beliefs, a shared lifestyle or the environment, passion is always better shared, isn’t it?

“The world can be an adventurous place, but can be difficult to travel it alone and not nearly as much fun,” as stated by Curtis Nicholson, founder of the site.

At NuPassion.com, they’re committed to helping you find the perfect person who will share your passion. NuPassion is a place where you can connect with like-minded people looking for the exact same thing you are so desperately seeking – fulfillment. Their services are for every lifestyle and different backgrounds, for people who really just want to find those soul mates they can connect with and share all of life’s great and terrible moments.

Using NuPassion.com, you can connect with people who you may become lifelong friends with and will undoubtedly meet people who become something much more than that. Focused on that one person who finishes your sentences and shares your greatest loves, NuPassion’s goal is to open that door for you. Maybe you’re just looking for companionship, someone to chat with and share experiences. NuPassion.com provides you a way to widen your social circle and enhance your romantic choices.

“A very diverse site with lots of options. A site you could look forward to meeting new people,” says one member.

About NuPassion
NuPassion is Black-owned company that provides a diverse online dating platform. Having been around for almost 10 years, NuPassion has continually served the online community and is becoming a premiere diverse dating site. Believing that communication is the key to any successful long-term relationship, the web site provides the perfect arena for interpersonal communication. More information can be found when you explore www.NuPassion.com


Curtis Nicholson

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