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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Cymphonique Sings Like Beyonce and Has Hands Like Laila Ali

Cymphonique boxing

Nationwide — Cymphonique is only 20, but has over 10 years of hard work blood sweat and
tears into her music career. The Hip Hop R&B superstar sacrifices and dedicates her time in the recording studio making hits.

She understands integral work ethics, she’s not about handouts. She is building her own career from the struggle to the top. 24/7 you can find her in the booth or in the gym working on her skills.

Her vocal and dance performances have been compared to Beyonce but she’s a “beast” in the gym with quick hands like Laila Ali. And the young boss lady is taking over the streets with her new music Rap R&B flow.

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Watch her live in action below:


Mike Ramos
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