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Monday, May 17, 2021

Author Releases Book to Help Black Men Become Better Leaders, Creators… and Men

D. Forte

Nationwide — D. Forte, a local author from Birmingham, Alabama, is proud to share his second-ever self-improvement book entitled The Black Man’s Guide to Self-Improvement and Community Revitalization Post Pandemic that is now available on Amazon.

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Influenced by the events of this unprecedented pandemic, author D. Forte sought to create a guide for Black men of all ages to provide tangible solutions to issues within our communities and express the importance of self-improvement as it relates to Black men.

Truthfully written with love for his community and created with a no-nonsense approach this short as well as simple guide provides a great foundation for Black men to emerge out of this pandemic as better leaders, creators, and men. This book is a must-read for Black men everywhere and the people that love/support them.

About the author:
D. Forte is a community servant and education advocate. He is the creator of HE IS Bham, a lifestyle brand for young Black men to shift the narrative surrounding Black males and provide information on self-improvement. He holds degrees in Black studies and criminal justice.

For more information about the lifestyle brand or the author, please visit HEISBham.com

For press inquiries, contact Darrell Forte at 205-531-3845 or heisbham205@gmail.com

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