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Monday, July 27, 2020

Entrepreneur’s Line of Essential Oils is a Natural Alternative to Traditional Medicine

Mind Boy Soul products

Nyack, NY — In 2010, Dan Mintz discovered that a certain blend of essential oils was extremely helpful in combating pain and healing, as well as preventing various other ailments. He named the blend Mind Body Soul Oil.

Now as the founder of his own line of oil blends, Mintz says that he has found this natural alternative to be a true medicinal wonder for a multitude of remedies, such as: combating viruses, colds and the flu, arthritis pain, backaches, stiff neck, anxiety, migraine headaches, muscle cramps, heel spurs, hemorrhoids, gout, kitchen burns, cold sores, staph infections, postoperative issues, psoriasis outbreaks, trouble sleeping, scalp itch, bleeding of the nose or cuts, salon scalp burns, nasal congestion, sinus pressure, and more.

Mintz comments, “Our blends are effective against many ailments because essential oils can work across the board to address numerous issues that affect the health and well-being of the human body.”

Some of his customers use the following methods of application:

For protection against viruses, colds, and the flu: A drop of oil is applied to the lining inside both nostrils of the nose. Repeat the process every few hours when and if you are traveling. If you are not wearing gloves, apply enough to protect your hands.

For body pain: Use enough oil (usually one to six drops) to cover the painful area, follow that up with a short rub of the oil into the skin. If the area is too sensitive to touch, you can drip or spray it on. The average time frame for pain relief is under six minutes.

For stress, anxiety, sinus issues, or to fall asleep: Use a Q-Tip or your finger to apply a drop of oil to the lining inside both nostrils of your nose or you can inhale the oil from the palm of your hands, slowly and deep, approximately 3 to 6 times.

For hemorrhoids: A tissue compress using the oil is placed on the painful area. The compress is removed when all the pain and or itching has subsided (usually) within five minutes. If the painful area is not too severe our lotion product can be just as helpful and serve to stop recurring flare-ups when used frequently.

For staph infections or psoriasis: The oil can be applied to the problem area(s) morning and evening.

For accidental burn relief: Enough oil is applied to cover the burn area and the average time frame for pain relief is under one minute.

For blemishes: The oil is rubbed into the blemish area twice daily.

For scalp issues and hair growth: One to six drops of the oil rubbed into the problem area two times a day. Visible hair growth usually occurs within one or two weeks. Healing time frames for scalp issues are within one to seven days.

According to Mintz: “Today, Mind Body Soul Oil should be a consideration for anyone concerned about contacting the pandemic.”

He continues, “For 400 years from the 1300s to 1700s, plagues were rampant in Europe. The spread of the bubonic plague was due to infected flea bites. The disease would travel into your bloodstream and it would attack your lymphatic system. Similar to the bubonic plague, the septicemic plague was spread through lesions in the skin and someone would be able to catch the airborne disease by being close to someone who coughs or sneezes near them. However, in the 17th century, four robbers came up with a creative concoction to ward off the plague. Originally these four thieves started out as spice traders and merchants.”

“However,” he adds, “when the plague hit, the shipping trade halted and their boats were docked indefinitely. To overcome financial disaster, they looked at other means to make money. They robbed from graves and looted from the homes of the victims infected with the plague. Eventually, they were caught. When asked by the King of England, how they were able to avoid illness themselves, and his promise not to hang them if they revealed their secret to him, they explained how they had rubbed a blend of essential oils, in their noses, and used cotton cloths to cover their mouths, noses, and hands.”

For these reasons, Mintz believes that his line of products can help build up immune systems to fight off the Coronavirus and other viruses. For more details, visit MindBodySoulOil.com


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