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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

African-American “Graffiti Superstar,” Known For His Murals Around the World, Releases New Book Entitled “Say Word”

— Daniel Hopkins’ amazing street art can be seen all over the world from Los Angeles to Washington, DC to London to Abu Dhabi to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe —

Daniel Hopkins aka Maxx Moses

Artist Daniel Hopkins aka Maxx Moses

Nationwide — Hailing from Yonkers, NYC but currently residing in Rosarito, Mexico, Daniel Hopkins, aka Mr. Maxx Moses, is a world-renowned artist and “graffiti superstar” that creates large scale spray-painted murals across the globe. In his travels, he also forges deep connections with communities to examine the depth of his learning and the quality of his art.

His new book, Say Word, is his latest effort to bring positivity and creativity into global communities. The book of Art & Affirmation sends a message that words and images can propel lives towards goodness. It’s a natural extension of the message that comes through the his murals, workshops and activism, which can be reviewed at his official web site www.maxxmoses.com.

“Affirmations are here as reminders, for we are forgetful. We’ve forgotten the beauty from which we’ve been created. We need constant reminders of our oneness with everything in creation to alleviate the pain of loneliness,” says Daniel. “I hope that people will use Say Word to help visualize and affirm their inner strength and mental magnetism.”

Remaining uncomfortable is a life practice for the artist Daniel Hopkins

His formal education and exile from his beloved NY was at SUNY Brockport College, where he fused Subway Art with surrealism creating his own artistic identities. Creating large scale spray-painted murals across the globe and forging deep connections with communities is how he examines the depth of his learning and the quality of his art. He currently resides in Rosarito, Mexico and many of his local murals can be seen throughout the border region.

His most current persona, Mr. Maxx Moses is a Concrete Alchemist whose mission is to transform blank walls into contrasting ideas of beauty. Ultimately he recognizes that real beauty is generated from the inside out. Thus the reason for creating his book Say Word. “Until we extract the negative dialog infiltrating our thought process and replace our mental repetition with words of power, we are powerless,” he says.

In 2012, Daniel traveled to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe as part of a U.S. Embassy program to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS through street art. His travels have also taken him to England, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, all across the United States, and more.

Say Word is self-published and can be purchased online at CreateSpace.com and Amazon.com


Watch Daniel’s interview about his mural in Zimbabwe:


Mr. Maxx Moses