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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Professor, Author and Empowerment Specialist Teaches Women How To Turn Their Pain into Purpose

Danielle Langford, founder of PinkEmpowers.com

Danielle Langford, founder of PinkEmpowers.com

Nationwide — Danielle Langford, professor, author, and empowerment specialist, knows a thing or two about pain. While doing hundreds of workshops and presentations with women and teens on self-esteem, emotional bankruptcy, and putting yourself on the list; Danielle was suddenly faced with her own personal circumstances, that left her traumatized and devastated.

She felt like she was losing, and needed to regroup and turn her pain into purpose. It seemed to begin with normal life transitions; her only son leaving for college, but then other things started to happen in her per-sonal life that left her baffled, confused, and heartbroken. Although Danielle was excited to be starting her job as a Professor teaching Business Entrepreneurship, she was also dealing with her Dad (her first love) being diagnosed with an infection, and later cancer that would be his demise.

If there ever was a daddy’s girl, Danielle was it. She felt like all the men in her life were leaving, disappearing, or passing. And felt as many of us do, ALONE. She found that one of her favorite quotes from John Churton Collins must be true: “In prosperity our friends know us, in adversity we know our friends.”

The pain was insurmountable; but Danielle had to tell herself, what she had told so many women and teens in her workshops and presentations, that she was worthy, and valued, and had to exhibit self-love, self-worth, and self-esteem, because it all starts with self.

Danielle is also a spiritual person, and totally used this time to turn towards whom she calls God. She knew that God had promised never to leave or forsake her, so she prayed, fasted, and asked for the lesson, and what to do with what she was being taught. She is writing her second book entitled Next Chapter – Turning Your Pain Into Purpose. This is a book that she believes will touch and connect with women all over the world on a personal and fulfilling level.

Danielle has also been featured in multiple media outlets, including comments in O Magazine three times. See on Facebook –

Check out what others have had to say about Danielle’s speaking and workshops via her website link at www.pinkempowers.com/testimonials-radio-host

Testimonials from Women’s Workshop:
* “Very Informative, motivating, You gave me life!”
* “Really love you, I’ve learned so much!”
* “She is magnetic, and changes the hearts and minds of those she touches.”

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Danielle is available as a public speaker and keynote speaker for any type of speaking engagement. She can be contacted at info@pinkempowers.com.

Her first book Letters For My Son is available on Amazon.


Here’s an excerpt from “Next Chapter – Turning Your Pain Into Purpose”:

Sometimes your restoration will come during your revelation in isolation. Whew! That was a Rev. Jessie Jackson moment.

Let me explain. All circumstances where we are challenged, comes to teach us some-thing. This is where you hope and search for the revelation. An ah-ha moment if you will. But often receiving or getting to the revelation is a process, because we’re STILL looking outside of ourselves. When we go deeper, sometimes real deep we can see. I mean really see how God has always been there, and here comes the revelation- defined as a surprising fact made known. It is during the revelation, while in isolation we can be restored. Many times I didn’t want to be alone. In fact, I tried very hard not to be. I prayed, pleaded with God to bring me someone, anyone; but then later I became more specific. I didn’t want trouble makers, just good and positive people. Send only encour-aging, loving and supportive people. Now it’s getting better. Love. Love. My favorite. Here’s where restoration comes in. I must be restored, prior to the love of my life showing up, unless he will assist with putting the pieces back together. I’m open. Whatever way you wanna do it Lord. I’m open.

Isolation is where we find ourselves and God. The God in us, the God before us. The God that is love. That universal language that we ALL subscribe to. We all desire it, but often seek it in men, women, alcohol, drugs, church. We’re all looking, searching, is it you? Is it you? Will you love me? But love is here; right where you stand, stand in it. Give it, receive it, and watch it. Spread it. Be willing, be open, participate. It’s here. Love.


Danielle Langford