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Friday, May 10, 2024

Black Woman Founder Shares Insider Tips to Buying Homes Starting at $500 Bucks

Danielle Nicole

Nationwide — Danielle Nicole, the Founder and CEO of Danielle Nicole Consulting, is a real estate professional headed into her 16th consecutive year as a full-time entrepreneur. On Wednesday, May 15th, at 7pm CST, she will host an Alternative Real Estate Ask Me Anything session about how she has been buying tax lien and tax deed properties since 2019. In fact, she’s personally purchased properties for only $500 in Lake County, Indiana.

Danielle has additionally purchased $1 vacant lots in Chicago, $5,000 single-family homes in Memphis, $700 vacant lots in Memphis, and 5 acres in Colorado with seller financing. To date, she and her clients have acquired over 100 tax lien, tax deed, and/or seller-financed properties.

Danielle is a strong advocate for learning how to purchase real estate in non-traditional ways. “Inflation doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon,” said Danielle. “We all have to find the best methods to adapt to the high cost of mortgages, high cost of rentals, stagnant wages, and sky-high property and auto insurance.”

She continues, “We have to take advantage of alternative ways to acquire land and properties while those windows of opportunity are still available to us. Group economics is going to be the name of the game in terms of building legacy in this decade.”

Danielle is passionate about demystifying the process of acquiring tax liens, tax deeds, land bank properties, and seller-financed properties. “I’ve known about tax liens for at least 20 years,” she said. “Unfortunately, I called it a scam back then because I could never envision myself actually being a person that invested in real estate in that manner.” She’s determined to help others get over their fears of becoming real estate investors.

For those that are interested in learning more about liens, deeds, and land bank properties, Ms Danielle Nicole is hosting an Alternative Real Estate Ask Me Anything session on Wednesday, May 15th, 2024 at 7pm CST. The event is free to attend and registration is required. Register online here

Danielle Nicole began her entrepreneurial journey after being laid off from her Internal Audit position in 2007. Ironically enough, Danielle volunteered for the layoff which she jokes about now as one of the single worst decisions she’s ever made. Like many, Danielle tried a bunch of different ideas to generate revenue including credit repair, loan modification, multi-level marketing, used car sales, and more. It took her over 5 years to realize that 1) multiple streams of income can and should be related and 2) lack of focus on one thing was causing her to not excel in anything. Fast forward to today, and Danielle is still going strong in the real estate sectors of property preservation and tax lien/tax deed investing. She has been featured in Black Enterprise, Forbes, Rolling Out Magazine, Black and Married With Kids, and other publications.

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For press inquiries or media interviews, contact info@daniellenicole.me or 800-931-1889