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Friday, November 4, 2016

Danney Williams, Alleged Son of 42nd President Bill Clinton, Appeals to Monica Lewinsky For DNA Sample From the Blue Dress to Prove His Case

Danney Williams, ex-President Bill Clinton's alleged abandoned son

Danney Williams, ex-President Bill Clinton’s alleged abandoned son

Nationwide — Danney Williams, the alleged abandoned son of President Bill Clinton today released a letter to former White House Intern Monica Lewinsky requesting she make available genetic material from her infamous blue dress in order to conduct a DNA test to settle the question of William’s paternity.

Williams claims he is the son of Bill Clinton and a former prostitute Bobbie Ann Williams who said she was with Clinton on 13 occasions and that Bill was the only Caucasian man she had relations with. Bobbie Ann has passed two polygraph tests.

Williams has rejected the results of a 1999 DNA test that the Star tabloid allegedly conducted comparing Williams DNA to a partial report on Clinton’s DNA included in Impeachment Counsel Ken Starr’s final report to Congress. Williams and his attorneys claim the test was flawed because it included data for only one of the two standard tests the FBI conducted and the courts generally require to confirm paternity. The Star never published the alleged test.

On Oct 16th, Williams called on former president Clinton to voluntarily submit a certified DNA sample so that a valid test can be conducted. On October 25th, after Clinton failed to respond, Williams announced plans to file a paternity suit against Clinton in Arkansas. Williams. 30, of Hot Springs Arkansas has repeated called on Hillary Clinton not to stand in the way of a valid DNA based on an incident in the 1980s when Hillary refused an appeal from Danney’s aunt Lucille Bolton to acknowledge and support the child Danney also puts responsibility for the situation on his stepmother, Hillary Clinton. He told a press conference, “Hillary has the power to have Bill provide a DNA sample. I heard Hillary say she spent her life helping children, and I heard her say many times, Black Lives Matter. If Black Lives truly matter to you Hillary, please step up now.”

Today, Williams acknowledged that such a suit could be a long and costly ordeal and appealed to Lewinsky to make a valid DNA sample available to short circuit the process and bring cloture to the question of his birth. “I want to shake my father’s hand before he dies,” said Williams. “I want him to meet his grandchildren.”



Danney Williams

Ms. Monica Lewinsky
c/o Mr. Richard Hofstetter, Esq.
Frankfurt, Kurnit, Klein and Selz
488 Madison Ave.
New York NY 10022

Dear Ms. Lewinsky,

I am Danney Lee Williams of Hot Spring Arkansas and I have been told my entire life that I am the biological son of former President William Jefferson Clinton. I have many compelling reasons beyond my mere physical resemblance to my father to believe this is the truth including the insistence of my mother Bobbi Ann Williams and my aunts Lucille Bolton and Shirley Howard who helped raise me. Governor Clinton provided cash support for me when I was a boy as well as having Arkansas State Troopers deliver Christmas presents to our home each year.

I hand delivered letters I wrote to my father, our 42nd President, and gave them to the nice lady at the desk at the Clinton Library. I also mailed letters and pictures of his grand children to him in Washington, but he never answered. When I sent him a direct message on his Facebook page he (or someone who worked him) blocked me.

Like you, Miss Lewinsky, the tabloids have exploited me. In 1999, the Editor of the Star announced the tabloid had conducted a DNA test that proved that I am not the son of Bill Clinton. The Star however admitted that they did not have a valid ample of the former President’s DNA and instead relied on a written report on his DNA that was included in Ken Starr’s final report to the Congress on the Clinton Impeachment. The Starr Report, however, only included results of one of the two tests conducted by the FBI on your blue dress.

Although the FBI said in their testimony that they conducted both standard tests, the Starr report included only a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test but did not include the FBI lab’s test refraction fragmented length polymorphism (RFLP) test which would be also required to make this determination. The PCR test alone would not be enough to legally prove or disprove paternity. The recent claim by the Washington Post that the one test that was included could rule out that Bill Clinton is my father is false, based on comments I have read from leading genetic experts interested in my case. In any event the Editor of the Star admits he never saw a written report on a DNA test. It may not even exist. If it did it was a best inconclusive.

None of this stopped the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times and Time magazine from incorrectly reporting that the Star’s test proved that Bill Clinton was not my father.

Clearly the question can only resolved with a true, verified DNA test. On Oct 16th, I called on my father to voluntarily submit a DNA sample so this matter can be resolved and I can resolve the central question in my life.

There has been no response.

Now I face the prospect of a long drawn-out paternity lawsuit in the State of Arkansas which lawyers tell me could cost hundred of thousands of dollars and years of litigation. I am not a rich person and would have try to raise the mountain of money needed to pay for the lawsuit. I am prepared to press ahead with the lawsuit if that is the only route to justice.

There is one other way the question of whether Bill Clinton is my father would be by obtaining a small, complete and valid DNA sample from your blue dress, which multiple news sources reported has been preserved. I respectfully request you provide the sample of genetic matter we require so that we may match it with my own sample. This would eliminate a long and costly court battle as the only way to establish the truth and perhaps earn the love of my father.

This is not about politics for me but there is solid evidence that it was Hillary who cut me of from my biological father. Hillary literally slammed the door in my Aunt Lucille’s face when she took me to the Governor’s Mansion to demand the Clinton’s acknowledge me. I was not surprised to learn that Hillary called you a “stalker” and much, much worse. Hillary Clinton has abused us both. I call out to you for your help.

While I have said this is not about politics, I have no illusions about the fact that no one in the media would be paying any attention to my case if we were not in the run-up to a Presidential election, despite the fact that I have been talking about my firm belief that Bill Clinton is my father my entire life

It was originally my hope that Hillary Clinton, would not allow politics to interfere with my need to know the truth. That is why asked that Mrs. Clinton encourage her husband to do as I ask, to demonstrate her stated belief that all black lives matter, even those which might reveal an inconvenient truth.

If and when a DNA test proves that President Clinton is my father…I just want to meet him and shake his hand. I want my kids to meet their grandfather, a simple man from Arkansas who became the leader of the Free world. In essence, I am seeking what all sons desire from their father’s acceptance. That is all I seek.

I assure you this is neither a hoax nor a political stunt; I humbly ask that you consider my very real request for a DNA sample from your blue dress.

You can reach me at Danney Williams.com or reach my attorney George V. Gates IV at ggates@gateslawinc.com.


Danney Williams
cc: George V. Gates IV Esq.


Joel Gilbert