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Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Local Black Barber Turned Entrepreneur Creates Beard and Loc Oil Brand for His Clients, His Community and Beyond

Darius 'Cali Barber' Walker

Nationwide — What started as a fun source of income for Darius “Cali Barber” Walker has led to his legacy. The highly sought-after Nashville, Tennessee-based licensed barber has created Cali Barber Beard and Loc Oil for use on your hair and skin. The multipurpose product is popular among men and women from diverse backgrounds and is attracting increasing interest. With names inspired by Walker’s customers, Lemon Q, Butta, Georgia Boy, and OnGod, are each specially formulated to moisturize, soothe and stimulate. The essential ingredients include Black Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Eucalyptus, and more.

Walker comments, “Lemon Q came about because of its fresh lemon scent. It’s vibrant, refreshing, and wakes up your senses. The “Q” is from the model on the bottle, Stephen, a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. The ingredients are Black Seed Oil, Lemon Citrus and Eucalyptus.”

He continues, “Butta came from my client, Tyrone Lee, a retired fireman from Chicago. He said, ‘Cali, I got one word for this oil you put on my face — butta!’ The ingredients are Black Seed Oil, Orange Citrus and Vanilla.”

“Georgia Boy came from, Kelsea Fordham, a high school football coach, here in Nashville. He always says, ‘I’m from the country, Cali. Just a Georgia boy.’ So, I coined that term for all of my clients who are from the country. The ingredients are Black Seed Oil, Coconut Oil and Spearmint.”

“OnGod comes from DJ Cevan, a well-known DJ throughout Tennessee. He always says, ‘Cali this beard oil is A-1, on God.’ A lot of young people use this catchy phrase. The ingredients are Black Seed Oil, Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Bergamot.”

Here are some of the reviews for his products:

“Lemon Q is light on my locs, not greasy and my locs smell fresh after applying. I am sensitive to smells and it’s important to me that my locs smell good. Also, I love how good it smells on my husband.” — Meco, Dean of Students at KIPP Charter Schools, Nashville, TN

“Cali’s by far the most talented barber I’ve ever met. I’m always getting compliments on my cut. This beard oil is on another level. The smell, the tingling sensation, the gloss it gives my beard. It’s hands down the best beard oil I’ve ever encountered.” — Stephen Isadore, a Metro Nashville Schools police officer.

Walker’s Cali Barber brand pays homage to his west coast roots, but he is known in and around Nashville as Antioch’s A-1 Barber. His precise cutting style is the reason for his tagline: “Fire your barber, my cutz harder.” He promotes professionalism and stellar customer service in an uplifting environment that gives life-changing experiences.

“Getting the money is great, but I love when clients tell me what happened after they leave my chair. The dudes get praise from their women, they go on job interviews and get the job; I’ve done groomsmen for weddings and graduations. I also encourage kids to do well at home and in school, so they can earn free haircuts,” shares Walker whose products and services are a vital part of his community.

To learn more about his products and/or to book an appointment, visit:

Also, follow Cali Barber on Instagram @Cali41510 and on Facebook at Antioch’s A-1 Barber.

Darius “Cali Barber” Walker’s passion for cutting hair began when he was a kid who frequented barbershops. Although he has resided in Nashville, TN for 20 years, he is a proud native of California. During his childhood, he cut hair in his backyard to earn money and continued during his time as a student at Grambling State University. After traveling to 28 countries while serving in the Army, he was honorably discharged and worked as a contractor. With a desire to share his gifts and fulfill his purpose, he has been a licensed barber for over 6 years. A “working man’s barber,” Walker services a variety of clients ranging from blue-collar to corporate, with dedication and dependability.

For press inquiries, contact cali41510@gmail.com