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Friday, July 20, 2018

Black Entrepreneur Lands Lucrative Smart Technology Contract With Mobi — And Is in Negotiations With the City of Philadelphia!

Darrell Choates, CEO of Choates General Contracting, Inc., has already negotiated a successful deal to run Mobi in Atlanta, GA, and he is planning to go international starting with the capital city of Accra, Ghana.

Darrell Choates, CEO of Choates General Contracting

Darrell Choates, CEO of Choates General Contracting

Nationwide — In an initiative led by Champion Capital Group LLC (CCG) and its associate partner Darrell Choates of Choates General Contracting Inc., Representative Jannie Blackwell of the 3rd District of the City of Philadelphia and Dov Ganor (“Dov”) CEO and founder of Mobility Insight (“Mobi”) discussed the benefits of Philadelphia implementing Mobi’s machine learning cloud analytics system and its IoT sensor network for mobility management.

Specifically, Dov along with Mobi’s team of Ron Srebro (Marketing) and CCG’s Peter Lagonikos (US Head of Business Development), presented to Councilwoman Blackwell as well as Dr. Samuel F. Quartey, King of Accra Ghana, its advanced end to end traffic management system and its ability to provide the city of Philadelphia with real time traffic analytics, network performance indexes, and event scorecards as part of its Intelligent Mobility Management System.

A recent report on traffic in City Center Philadelphia is echoing the systemic problem of traffic congestion and demand that must be addressed in order to properly prepare Philadelphia for the necessary mobility developing today.

“Today’s fragmented and underfunded management is not sufficient for the task,” the report from the Center City District stated. For example, increases in deliveries, in part because of the explosion of online retail, is leading to more trucks blocking travel lanes. Public transportation needs to be more efficient and there are structural problems that keep the city from making the roads easier to use. “Minimal resources are devoted in Philadelphia to the basics: maintenance of walkways and roadways, routine traffic counts and observations; diagnosis of points of congestion; systematically analyzing and calibrating on-street regulations; and evaluating impact on different modes,” the report stated.

Mobi can be a cost effective solution to the above by seamlessly integrating with the current command centers of Philadelphia where Mobi can transform traffic data into predictive and optimized actionable insights in real time – providing full mobility situational awareness and helping the city make changes to traffic signal timing and traffic police deployment. The city would be able to use Mobi’s cloud analytics platform and event scorecards to debrief and make decisions about changes to improve ingress and egress for upcoming events throughout the City Center District and public safety.

Mobi’s standout feature is the ability to accurately map mobility demand – where cars are traveling from and where they are going to. Understanding the origin-to-destination patterns in the city is key for anticipating bottlenecks and preempting congestion, and while other solutions are cost prohibitive, Mobi leverages data fusion from legacy systems, intelligent sensors, cellular networks, and connected-vehicle devices to provide a cost-effective solution for city-scale coverage.

“Mobi will be able to fuse its solution and collaborate with all the relevant Departments in Philadelphia to create a mobility smart city that can leverage Mobi’s technology to improve the lives of residents, foster economic growth with business community engagement, and increase overall Quality of Mobility in Philadelphia,” said Dov Ganor, CEO of Mobility Insight.

Beyond Philadelphia, attendee HRM Dr. Samuel F. Quartey, King of Accra, Ghana, said the following: “I will be recommending the Mobi System to my country Ghana in Africa. Together we will implement the system in Accra Ghana and then in the other big cities in Ghana. It is a good system that will tremendously change the lives in Ghana.”

The Global Intelligent Transportation Systems (“ITS”) market is expected to grow beyond $70B by 2022, according to research by BIS Research. Mobi’s market share is expected to increase as the company both expands its presence in the US and adds its advanced simulation and prediction engine to its current product portfolio.


About Mobi:
Mobi provides policy makers, transportation planners, and traffic controllers with an advanced intelligent mobility system for today’s traffic network and tomorrow’s connected vehicle ecosystem, based on an IoT network, driven by real-time mobility analytics, prediction and optimization, and delivering actionable insights. Mobi aims to solve one of the toughest problems of urban environment – that of congestion. Mobi’s solutions support mobility managers’ decision-making life-cycle, from mobility demand analysis and network performance evaluation to alternative CoA assessment and control. For more details, visit www.mobilityinsight.net.

About Choates General Contracting
Choates General Contracting is a Black-owned professionally managed, commercial, residential and industrial construction and renovation contractor. With more than forty years of experience in construction and repairs, they strive to exceed the expectations of every single client. Perhaps that is why their list of satisfied customers has grown to more than 1,000. They provide general contracting services for commercial and residential building owners, commercial property management firms and asset managers. For more details, visit www.dchoates.com


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