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Thursday, December 5, 2019

Entrepreneur Creates Digital Eco-System For Black Businesses and Non-Profits to Connect, Communicate & Collaborate

David Cole, founder and CEO of Uhai

David Cole, founder and CEO of Uhai

NationwideUhai, a Black-owned SaaS (Software as a Service), is launching an permission-based messaging & collaboration solution in 2020 for the modern organization.

David Abeiku Cole, Jr, CEO of Uhai, comments, “I realized there is an opportunity to provide small to mid-size African American owned companies with a solution to create their own digital eco-system where Black-owned for-profits, non-profits, associations, think tanks, fraternities and sororities can connect, communicate and collaborate.”

The Uhai solution will leverage the middleware framework on the Microsoft ASP.NET developers platform to deliver the all-in-one single point end solution. Features including one-to-one/group messaging, file sharing & collaboration, task assignment tool, searchable platform, video conferencing and live streaming capabilities accessible via desktop, laptop and mobile.

“I want to provide this secure and dependable messaging and collaboration solution to help small to midsize African-American companies eliminate email fatigue, time drain while experiencing improved efficiency in productivity,” David adds.

Those interested in learning more or seeing a live demo should visit www.uhai.co


(617) 899-3817