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Thursday, July 6, 2017

First Black-Owned Mobile Hair Salon Opens Second Location in the Washington, DC Area

Dejuan Burns, founder of Salon Dejuan Mobile Hair Salon

DeJuan Burns is the founder of the first mobile hair salon in the DMV

Oxon Hill, MD — Salon DeJuan has announced the opening of its 2nd De Glam Shoppe Mobile Hair Salon in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area at the physical salon location at 5608 St. Barnabas Road, Oxon Hill, Md. Coined as the first black mobile hair salon in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area in 2013 which aired on Fox 5 News, Salon Owner, DeJuan Burns does it again with launching her second mobile hair salon, the De Glam Shoppe.

The De Glam Shoppe is inspired by the first RV mobile hair salon which allows DeJuan to travel along the east coach as far as Atlanta, Georgia, showcasing more than 15 years plus of experience as a Hair Stylist, Nail Tech and budding entrepreneur with her very own signature hair care product line.

DeJuan is a Celebrity Stylist and has styled hair for the cast of Comedy Central, Choices the Show (series), The Big Mo Show, Maurice Brooks the Comedian, The movie “The Competition” produced by Charlie Grant, Minerals Make up Company, George Clinton and family, the “Illusion” girls singing group, DC writer/publisher “Adoria” and a host of other locals and celebrities. DeJuan has been interviewed by many social media outlets such as LWDD-Living with Danielle and David host Danielle Spencer David, David L David and Alene Wilson-Harris and others. She currently is performing hair services for Fox 5 reporters and is the Celebrity Stylist for Venro Records owned by Royal Height, Oldies but Goodies Orioles Singer, Joy Kates-Pearson as personal stylist for her upcoming TV reality SHOW. DeJuan has also partnered with SAB MEDIA as Stylist for their television network shows “Doing Good Business”, Charlie Grants upcoming movies, Howard G Gaskins (“Kiss My Bumper” guy), and ITCTV – In the Community TV Media. DeJuan is also personal stylist for Songstress Nancy Hines and Celebrity Consultant and Life Coach, “Mrs. Success Coach”.

DeJuan’s motto is “your style is limited only by your imagination.” “It’s important to educate my clients about not only taking care of their hair in between salon visits but maintaining healthy hair as a lifestyle beyond the salon,” imparts DeJuan as she continues to teach and train her clients and stylists through ongoing seminars and training sessions at the salon. DeJuan also offer free stylist services for veterans and those suffering with severe hair loss from cancer to include creating custom wigs. She also is gearing up for a new reality show relating to the hair industry.

For more details on how to book the new DeGlam Shoppe II mobile hair salon or to interview the Celebrity Stylist, contact (202) 802-3098 or visit her website at www.salondejuan.info


DeJuan Burns
(202) 802-3098