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Friday, June 13, 2014

Dead Woman From New Orleans Attends Her Own Funeral — and In Style!

Dead Woman Attends Her Own Funeral In New Orleans

53-year old Miriam Marie Burbank, who died on June 1st, attends her own funeral in New Orleans.

New Orleans, LA — Two women from New Orleans recently decided to give their dead mother a funeral that she reportedly would have wanted. They dressed her up in a black coat with a bright yellow scarf and dressy earrings, put on her dark shades, and sat her up at a table – for everyone attending the funeral to see.

Even more, she had New Orleans Saints-themed nail polish (painted Black and gold), a glass of Glenlivet whiskey in her hand, and a case of Busch beer by her side. And to top it off, she also had a menthol cigarette in her other hand. She was even seated at her own table below a disco ball as the “guest of honor” at her last party.

Held at Charbonnet Funeral Home, the funeral drew lots of media attention and the woman’s family said that these are the things she would have enjoyed at a social gathering. They also added that those who attended the funeral seemed to enjoy this fitting goodbye.

The woman’s name was Miriam Marie Burbank and she had died on June 1st at the tender age of just 53-years old. The cause of death was not reported.

But this is not the first time that such a funeral has happened in New Orleans.

This past April, philanthropist and socialite Mickey Easterling died and also had a similar funeral – where he casually sat on an iron bench and greeted guests with champagne and a magnificent hat.