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Friday, November 17, 2017

New Orleans Home Care Provider, De’Lisa Rowe-Tate, Diversifies With Reality Show Pilot, Book Release and 1st Annual Care Giver Expo

De'Lisa Rowe-Tate, author of The Caregivers Journey

De’Lisa Rowe-Tate, author of The Caregivers Journey

Nationwide — De’Lisa Rowe-Tate, an in-home care provider from New Orleans since 1995 and the founder of Rejuvenating Concepts, Inc., has authored the newly released book for caregivers entitled, The Caregiver’s Journey (available on Amazon.com).

The book is an inspirational motivation for the caregiver in your life, and her company, Rejuvenating Concepts, is a facility that has served the indigent and both physically & mentally disabled residents of New Orleans. Rowe-Tate, the visionary and notable in her field, has began to diversify through the development of a reality show pilot that features CNAs (Certified Nursing Assistants) or DSWs (Direct Support Workers) produced by Rotate Production which is the entertainment company Tate founded.

Their tireless and undaunting role as the heartbeat of home care/personal agency; an effort to show what makes the personal care agency flow from the caregiver’s perspective, this reality pilot is titled, The Real Caregivers of New Orleans.

“As care givers by nature, we sometimes get involved and lose ourselves trying to take care of others,” stated Rowe-Tate.

She continues, “As a Home Care Provider for the past 21 years knowing the value of the CNAs role as quality of life supporters, I feel an extreme obligation to empower these second responders. Caregivers are putting their lives on the line in a lot of cases. And home care keeps the both mildly and profoundly disabled free to live in the least restrictive settings. Home care is keeping people out of institutions. It is my hope to feature the work and commitment of the direct support workers and the relationships between agency, staff and clients; tearful, heartwarming personal and real. Caregivers should be celebrated. Moreover, caregivers must take care of themselves before they can care for others.”

For over 21 years, Rowe-Tate has had a platform of directing, training & certifying CNA’S/Direct Support Workers in the New Orleans area. Her most recent success promulgating her passion took place when she founded the 1st Caregiver Expo 2017 during Essence Fest. This 3-day event was compelling and Interactive for caregivers all over.

For more details, visit www.realcarenola.com or visit the YouTube channel at @realcarenolatv

For more information or to interview De’Lisa Rowe-Tate, call (504) 942-7171 or send an email to in2care@yahoo.com

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